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Danny Fitzsimons, Darren Hoare and Paul McGuigan, Beyshee Velez and Lucas Trent Vinson

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 19, 2010









We post regular updates here about Danny Fitzsimons and the deaths of Darren Hoare and Paul McGuigan.

We’d like the family members of those involved in this tragedy to understand that our deepest sympathies over your losses are with you.  We are not attempting to paint a picture of innocence or guilt.

We do however feel it is important to continue hammering out the fact that these tragedies were preventable.

Only one month after the deaths of Darren and Paul, Spec Beyshee Velez, at the end of his third deployment in the war zone,  shot and killed Lucas Trent Vinson, a Civilian Contractor, while in a suspected psychotic episode.

Neither the military nor the Contractor Companies have fully acknowledged the dangers of  PTSD and other mental conditions caused by war zone stress.  The murders of these contractors make it clear that the dangers run well beyond the tortured mind of the beholder.

Nor do they accept responsiblity for their negligence in failing to prevent these deaths.

Boots on the ground, warm bodies with guns they can bill for, win out over the value of human life.

The Defense Base Act’s Exclusive Remedy enables this negligence for the contract company.

4 Responses to “Danny Fitzsimons, Darren Hoare and Paul McGuigan, Beyshee Velez and Lucas Trent Vinson”

  1. marc mcguigan said

    fitzsimons is a murderer a hope he gits wits comin taer him a hope he hangs

  2. Robert P said

    “Boots on the ground, warm bodies with guns they can bill for, win out over the value of human life.”… goes to show you have absolutely no idea what you are talking about here… Trent Vinson was not a “warm body with a gun that could be billed for” and neither was Velez… you are spectacularly ignorant.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Danny Fitzsimons was diagnosed with PTSD and had weapons and assault charges against him but it was more important to ArmorGroup to have someone in place they could bill for than to screen their employees..
      Velez was exhibiting symptoms of serious mental problems and should not have been left in a position where he could do this.
      Sorry you misread our post.

    • daffodils said

      care to elaborate on your fancy verdict of ‘spectacularly ignorant” without adding a shred of fact or even one argument to substantiate your claims other than parroting the original comment?

      come on, we try have a constructive conversation in this place. quit bashing the messenger unless you have a concrete contribution to make. If you have any guts elaborate on what you mean about the two.

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