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Martin V. Halliburton

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 24, 2010


KRISTEN MARTIN; DONALD TOLFREE, deceased, Plaintiffs-Appellees,

No. 09-20441.

United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.

Filed March 23, 2010.

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One Response to “Martin V. Halliburton”

  1. Joe G said

    Halliburton is not the only company, who is breaking the law, ITT exelis is also another one when employees get hurt, they are send to Dubai, once in Dubai you are told by your HR to pick a hospital you have to choice, Canadian hospital or american hospital, neither has either a canadian resident or an american working in those hospital, the second thing youa re in your own,ITT will not pay for your medical bills, meals and hotel. while you in the hospital having surgery, wish having surgery in Dubai is the best at teh time because, ITT tells you that if you go hometo the USA, your medical INS with ICgnal Int will not cover you. you can’t walk but the dr send you back to your hotel becasue they cannot keep you there, the medical report consist on one page,so here we go, you can died in the surgery room, and them the hospital will contact the American embasy to le tthem know that one ITT enployee when in for surgery and die in the table, however they don’t know how to contact the relative.

    If you survive the surgery you take a taxis and you go tot he Airport, book a flight but you have to pay for the flight because ITT don’t do that either, the entire time the oyu were in the hospital sick. ITT never stop by to see if you were alive thoguh you still working for them.

    So now you are back home,and you called Colrado Spring the Home of ITT Exelis, to talk to your Workers comp people, now you know that it is only one person handling your desability, her name is Yolanda, you call and call but she don’t return your calls, your needto go and see a DR becasue your injuries don’t look healthy, and you cannot work, so now you get alwyer, DBA send a letter to Chartis worldsource, of Alphareta Ga, and as today am seating here with a mess up leg severe pain in my lower back, 6 months ahas been gone by and as today the worker comp Chartis World source has not make one payment, neither has contacted my attorney, and it gest better ITT in Afghanistan will lie on you so you don’t get any benefits. we work 24/7 -12 hours at day and when you get hurt they have the nerv to blame you because oyu got hurt.

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