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Welcome to our hell Kenneth Riegler

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 25, 2010

ACE Group Appoints Kenneth Riegler to Lead Multinational Client Group in North America and ACE USA’s Foreign Casualty Division

We receive far fewer complaints (per capita) from injured contractors covered by ACE than we do AIG and CNA.

Update:  In less than 24 hours from posting this mild compliment we find out that ACE and their lawyers are just as ruthless and greedy as CNA and AIG.    Kenneth will the “approach” continue to be to grab every dime from the injured contractors?  Or will you lend some compassion to this sordid business?

PHILADELPHIA, Mar 25, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — The ACE Group of insurance and reinsurance companies (ACE) today announced the appointment of Kenneth Riegler to President, Multinational Client Group for North America and President, ACE USA Foreign Casualty.

In his capacity as head of the North American Multinational Client Group, Mr. Riegler will be responsible for leading the delivery and servicing of the company’s commercial property and casualty insurance capabilities targeted to large multinational clients headquartered in North America. He will work closely with Michael Furgueson, President, Multinational Client Group, ACE Overseas General, to coordinate ACE’s worldwide approach to this market segment.

Based in New York and reporting to John Lupica, Chief Operating Officer, Insurance-North America, Mr. Riegler will work collaboratively with ACE’s U.S. product lines, regional operations team, and the newly- formed Global Client Executive unit to deliver the company’s insurance products and services tailored to the complex needs of multinational companies.

As President, ACE USA Foreign Casualty, Mr. Riegler also will oversee ACE USA’s foreign casualty products for U.S.-based multinational companies, including the International Advantage(R) suite of products, from packaged coverages to enterprise solutions with controlled master programs and risk transfer options, and Defense Base Act (DBA) Insurance. He will have overall strategic responsibility for the group’s underwriting, marketing, and field operations.

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