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A Plea for American Prisoners of War in Iraq

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 27, 2010

لرجاء يسلم اطلاق سراح هذا الجندي يدعى أحمد وهو غاب عن عائلته ، واسمحوا الحرب قد انتهت ، أن نتذكر أن نصف الأمريكية لم تؤيد غزو العراق ، شكرا لك

Please free Prisoner of War in Iraq – US Army Sergeant Ahmed Qusai al Taie

(BAGHDAD / SALEM) – During the Vietnam War, thousands of Americans were held as Prisoners of War, though they were never regarded as such by their captors.

Animated POW MIA Flag

Similar to the Bush/Cheney/Obama Iraq War idea of literally stripping the rights accorded by the Geneva Convention from a combatant for suspicions of “terrorism”, the North Vietnamese viewed the American military as an illegal force, and claimed they were not bound to any international rules.

It led to the mistreatment of Americans at places like the Hanoi Hilton. Americans were horrified to learn upon their first mass release, that U.S. POW’s were hideously tortured inside the walls of the North Vietnam prison complex. Slightly more than three decades later, a U.S. President and his entire cabinet, particularly Vice President Dick Cheney, solidly assumed the pose of America’s former Communist enemies by endorsing torture as a national concept.

This article also considers a different kind of torture; the ulcer and gray hair causing variety, experienced by the families of captive Americans who are so helpless to make a difference in a place as far away as Iraq, or Afghanistan, or Vietnam.

I will examine the status of the various Americans that we know of who were captured in the current war. Iraq is not the only war by any means, though it was the scene of so much fighting for so many really hard years.

You’ll want to see this excellent presentation HERE

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