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Wade, honey, can you drop what your doing? It’s KBR on the phone for you

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 18, 2010

Wade Dill Casualty not Counted

From Barbara Dill just a few days ago:

“I just got a call from, get this, KBR.  Yep, They asked for Wade Dill.  The number they called from was 713-753-4177.  This is the third or fourth time they have called trying to recruit him back to work

Isn’t it funny that they can’t find any medical records on anyone that needs them, but they can still hang on to a dead mans job application from over 4 years ago!!

Medical Records from KBR were a vital part of evidence proving that Wade Dill was suffering symptoms of PTSD while he was in Iraq.

But like so many other injured KBR contract employee’s,  Wade’s  Medical Records have gone AWOL.

KBR continues to support it’s corporate bedfellow AIG over the contractors and their families.   Wade must have been of some value to them or they wouldn’t keep trying to bring  him back from the grave.  Maybe if Wade had known how quickly they would throw his wife and daughter under the bus he’d have thought better the first time they called.

Failure to produce these records does not jeopardize KBR in any way.

But if the contractor failed to produce any record asked for or refused to to go to AIG’s hired scumbag doctors for Defense Medical Examinations they could  automatically lose their claim.  See SEII/AIG vs.Gerald Talbott also the DBA X Files.

7 Responses to “Wade, honey, can you drop what your doing? It’s KBR on the phone for you”

  1. Going Silent said

    KBR loses medical information on a routine basis. Very convient for them. I think it is a way to cover-up the fact- That their medics operate outside the ability of their license. As A Fire-medic for 11 years, I wish I had a license that would allow mw to do what they do.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      Interesting point.
      Some of these companies use third world “medics” who “qualify” through minimal in house training programs.
      Wonder if the “Exclusive Remedy” keeps them from being sued for practicing medicine without a license…

  2. defensebaseactcomp said

    Barbara Dill’s mother passed away on Friday.

    Barbara we are so sorry you are suffering another loss and not yet able to put the loss of Wade into place.

    We’re all here for you the best we can be.

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  6. Still going strong said

    My heart goes out still to this day. Our contractors should not have to fight for every thing they get. They need to get off their a@@ and do what is right. Karma is a bit h and she will catch up with them.

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