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T. Christian Miller Wins Special Recognition ICIJ Daniel Pearl Awards

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 26, 2010

ICIJ Names Winners of 2010 Daniel Pearl Awards

WASHINGTON, D.C. — A gutsy, collaborative series by four European news outlets about toxic waste dumping in Africa and a surprising exposé by a freelancer on payoffs by U.S. military contractors to the Taliban won the 2010 Daniel Pearl Awards for Outstanding International Investigative Reporting.

In addition to the two winners, the judges awarded a special Certificate of Recognition to T. Christian Miller , Disposable Army, ProPublica; Doug Smith and Francine Orr, Los Angeles Times; and Pratap Chatterjee, freelance (United States), for their impressive series “” on how injured civilian contractors working for the U.S. military have been abandoned by Washington. Read the full story here

2 Responses to “T. Christian Miller Wins Special Recognition ICIJ Daniel Pearl Awards”

  1. daffodils said

    Once again, congratulations T Miller for your excellent ongoing coverage of the plight of injured contractors.
    The fact that an international panel of judges picked this particular never-ending scandal should be enough reason to send the entire corrupt cabal at OWCP and OALJ packing. Their callousness and bias against civilian contractors to profit AIG/CNA has become a national embarrassment.
    I want to also recognize and credit the administrator of this website/ blog for their unsung, untiring and invaluable spadework for many of these stories.

  2. Dr. Layla Nash said

    Congratulations T. Christian Miller for your win.
    Your hard work for all these years has been to help Americans injured in a war zone outside United States of America, however denied care and benefied inside United States of America. There is no association like the VA they could go to for help, but they are faced with lawyers to fight aganist them day in, day out while they are sick and needy, shame, shame. How could such things heppen in our beloved country the USA?
    Thank you very much T.
    My God bless you and yours always.

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