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AIG, CNA, ACE Denials Add to Overburdened VA System

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 5, 2010

Thousands of Injured Contractors  are being treated by the VA because AIG,  CNA , ACE, refuse to accept their responsibility to provide medical benefits earned by  injured contractors.   Yes, you earned those benefits, they were paid for.

Despite these huge numbers there are those who want to advocate the use of the VA by all injured war zone contractors .   We say AIG and CNA have been paid to provide these services and need to do so or get out of the business.  Congress and the Department of Labor need stop putting this off and deal with it.  The VA  has enough to do without subsidizing greedy insurance companies and taking away from military war casualties.

Toward excellence for veterans

In 2003, Bush administration officials estimated that about 50,000 U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq eventually would file disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

In this, as with so many things about the wars, the administration woefully underestimated, this time by a factor of 10. Already some 500,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans have filed for disability — about one in every three who served.

With nearly 200,000 troops still deployed in the two nations, that number surely will rise. And the Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are the smallest part of the VA’s current disability workload.

The Chicago Tribune reported last month that 84 percent of the increase in VA disability claims over the past seven years came from veterans of the Vietnam and Persian Gulf Wars. In all, the VA paid out $34.4 billion in disability to more than 3 million veterans. The biggest single category for Vietnam, Persian Gulf and “war on terror” veterans: $8 billion for post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological disabilities.

Funding isn’t the problem — Congress and the Obama administration have approved major boosts in VA spending in the last two budget years. The problem is the sheer size of the workload.   And it’s about to get bigger.   Read this in it’s entirety here

3 Responses to “AIG, CNA, ACE Denials Add to Overburdened VA System”

  1. superman said

    This is so true but it’s ok.. go to your V.A. don’t expect to get any treatment worth while. The V.A. is utterly incompetent. No problem it can work to move along your DBA case. When AIG or CNA refuse and delay treatment. Go to the VA. Let me give you an example. If you have a TBI or PTSD claim CNA and AIG will delay and refuse to send you for any treatment, it’s simple without a diagnosis there is no claim. So go to the VA go to a private doctor, pay for the treatment with food stamps, cashed in tin can’s what ever you have to get your diagnosis. Then have you lawyer submit that to the DOL and guess what? They can’t deny it anymore.

    The law firms located in the Country of San Francisco who feel they are better than the rest of out county pushing their socialist views and so on.. Mr Lawyer i’m talking about you ! As you know they are claiming folks come to this site to “Learn how to fake a claim”. Humm as far as I know the only thing on this site is information so that you all know what your are entitled to and how to obtain those entitlements! Mr. Lawyer I feel referring to your law books and speaking to your fellow defense lawyers are doing nothing more than defrauding entitled contractors of their entitlements. Using your law books and speaking at to DOL invited conventions is nothing more than you folks conspiring to defraud insured injured hero’s from their benefits.

    Mr. Lawyer, Superman is on this case now and you are screwed. We know how you lie, and will say anything to get your way. We know when you have a looser case (a case you know you can’t win) you will do anything to dump the case from your law firm. I have even heard you claimed at one time your firm received a anonymous phone call resulting in your office claiming it was a particular injured contractor, this injured contractor’s case has you running for the hills, a case you can’t win. So what did you do? you claimed it what this contractor and dumped the case. Mr. Lawyer,.. Superman has received a tape recording of this call and… “YOU LIED” Wait til the FBI takes action on this one.

    As I have said before,,, Lawyer ,Your mine as well live it up because running to a non-extradition country will not work.. Some of these “Contractors” can and will find you with or without the assistance of the US Government and they will bring you back where ever you hide!!!

    Superman out.

  2. daffodils said

    You are absolutely right, this particular lawyer is a pathological liar who will stop at nothing to win a case but seriously doubt if anything will happen to him, he even managed to convince four judges that the Iraq war was not life-threatening.
    The labor department openly peddles his handbook on how to trick injured contractors at their annual Loyola bash. In one case the judge found that one of his witnesses was lying but predictably nothing happened although perjury and obstruction is an offense under the DBA act.
    He even got his hands onto a handwritten report from a stolen police file, too bad that his shrink screwed up by referring to it in his so-called expert opinion months after the file mysteriously disappeared. The FBI won’t do a thing. They lie, steal and cheat with the full blessing of the government.

  3. Superman said

    I know I am correct thats why I am Superman!

    This scum lawyer gets away with claiming your not in a life threatening area no big deal…

    submit your videos and photos from the war zone… or while being rocket attacked.. Everyone has some.. thats undisputed proof.

    the other reason these lawyers are sucessful is because the lawyers defending the contractors as a “whole” are substandard”.

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