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At the Department of Labor, Solis Has Gone Wild

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 12, 2010

Solis Hill Staffers Strike It Rich At DOL

Research from Americans for Limited Government has uncovered that Capitol Hill staffers that transitioned to the Department of Labor with Hilda Solis have struck it rich.

Salary bumps for the individuals that moved from the Hill to Labor increased anywhere from 15% to 96%! In the middle of a recession, has your salary increased that much?

Check out this data provided by DOL via an ALG FOIA request:

See chart here

4 Responses to “At the Department of Labor, Solis Has Gone Wild”

  1. Superman said

    I have just one thing to say. The DOL is complete ineffective. It does not matter what they write, say or do they can not legally enforce anything. AIG & CNA lawyers know this. They only agree with the DOL if it helps their case.

    Look at the case this way… The bad guy lawyers are only there to position their client CNA & AIG to defunck a claim. This way the Insurance company makes more money and the lawyere do as well be receiving more cases.

    The US Government needs to give the DOL power to enforce !

  2. Superman said

    As for Ms Solis, Superman does not know at this time what her true intention is. As an American I want to believe its for truth, justice and the american way.

    Hey if you were on a job and you received a pay in crease would you take it?

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      While Solis is giving large pay raises to DoL employees thousands of injured war zone contractors are losing whats left of their health, their homes, their families, due to benefit denials by AIG, CNA, ACE, Zurich, and more.
      Solis is the position to change this.
      She refuses to speak to us or to the press.
      Hilda Solis why do you feel we are so expendable and the insurance companies so worthy?

  3. Superman said

    Here is the position of the DOL where most are truck drivers the DOL looks at it like this, they only made $30k a year then when to Iraq and made 90K and now they come home injured making more than they did on there civilian job in the States. Some Contractors made $300k a year and we are hurt now only making $50k..

    The problem is that the DOL has the wrong mentality concerning these cases this is why they are not helping us. Until they understand that and change their thought process and stop being jelious and doning something NOTHING will change

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