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Civilian Contractors Receive Defense of Freedom Medal

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 18, 2010

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JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq – Three KBR, Inc. employees received the Secretary of Defense Medal for Defense of Freedom in a ceremony, May 1, at Joint Base Balad, Iraq.  The Defense of Freedom Medal is the civilian equivalent of the military’s Purple Heart Medal. It is awarded to civilian employees working in support of the Department of Defense who are injured or fatally wounded by hostile fire while in the line of duty.

Robert Martin Jr., a heavy truck driver with KBR’s Iraq Theater Transportation Mission and a Lindale, Texas, native, sustained a gunshot wound while driving in a flatbed convoy mission Dec. 5, 2005.

Lawrence Reynolds, a heavy truck driver with KBR’s Iraq’s TTM and a Tulsa, Okla., native, received shrapnel wounds and later had a cardiac episode as a result of an improvised explosive device detonation on his convoy, June 6, 2006.

Lemmis Stephens Jr., a tank driver and fuel technician with KBR and a Houston native, sustained bilateral eye injuries when an incoming round exploded 70 feet from his bus, sending shrapnel through his windshield.  All three contractors have since returned to work in Iraq  Read the Full Story here

4 Responses to “Civilian Contractors Receive Defense of Freedom Medal”

  1. SuperMan said

    This is Crap… I am happy for the two guys that received this but what about the thousands of other contractors that NEVER recieved this?

    Were do they fill out the “application” for one of these???

  2. Brit guy said

    Hey superman unfortunately you do not get to fill out the form. You have to recommended by your employer. I have also been told that to get the award you have to have been injured as a direct result of insurgent action for example an IED or rocket or mortar attack gunfire the DoD then carry out an investigation.

    There is a web-site that gives you all the info on it there is a link on this blog.

    The main problem with this award is that if your employer fails to report your injuries or they deny what happened or hide your medical records then it is hard to get your efforts and sacrifice noticed as there is no record.

    I was awarded the medal after being injured in an insurgent attack my employer confirmed what happened and recommended me for the award which I received. It has not stopped the carrier from fighting tooth and nail to limit their liability to the claim even though my employer has admitted everything that has happened and this backed up by medical records of more than 5 health professionals including the Doctor who did the DME

    See the problem

  3. Superman said

    Brit Guy,,,
    I know this I was being sarcastic. The Contracting firm intentionally fails to report injuries.
    But my point is this was a “Dog and Pony Show” They don’t care about giving this award out they just want to get the good press for themselves.

  4. Peter Slade said

    I commend all that have & are still working as contractors oversees. I have just finished 7 years in Iraq as a security contractor ./ convoys. One question that many have asked & disappointed with Govt’s alike, is that there has never been full recognition for their efforts. Why can’t security contractors be awarded an ”Iraq Service Medal” irrespective of which country they come from ! Consider the obvious – If no contractors were ever in Iraq / Afghanistan, how would things have turned out?

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