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Contractor killed in insurgent attack at U.S. base in Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 19, 2010

By Joshua Partlow Washington Post
Wednesday, May 19, 2010; 8:03 AM

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Insurgents, some of them wearing suicide vests, attacked one of the U.S. military’s largest and most populous bases Wednesday morning, the second ambitious attack in as many days and a sign that the Taliban movement may have launched its yearly spring offensive.

There are few installations as well fortified as Bagram Airfield, but this did not stop insurgents from staging a pre-dawn assault with gunfire, rockets and grenades. The fighting, which broke out at more than one location outside Bagram, killed one U.S. contractor, injured nine U.S. service members and inflicted minor damage on one of the base buildings, military officials said.

The guard force on the base battled insurgents intensely for about two hours, until about 6 a.m., but sporadic gunfire could be heard for several more hours. Ten of the attackers, including four wearing explosives, were killed in the assault, officials said.  Full Story here

5 Responses to “Contractor killed in insurgent attack at U.S. base in Afghanistan”

  1. Deionte Farr said

    My cousin Bryan Farr was an Military Contracted who was just recently shot in the neck and killed in Afghanistan

  2. […]…Details forthcoming. […]

  3. S Connick said

    Where can I get more information on the names of those killed in these war theaters? I have a close friend who cannot contact me & need to know that friend’s status.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      There is no central place to learn of contractor casualties. We do our best to track contractor casualties so that no one’s sacrifice will go unrecognized.
      If you click on the contractor casualty tag and/or category on the blog you will see recent casualties.
      We’ll post the recent casualties names as soon as we can dig them up.

  4. sheila callahan said

    I have a boyfriend that is building contractor there in afghanistan his name is anthony thomas and i have not heard from him in over a month and i am worried sick he says there is no electricity there so he can’t get online to let me know if he is ok I just need to know if he is well .

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