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Man Killed By Roadside Afghanistan Bomb

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 20, 2010

Son Followed In Dad’s Military Footsteps

Adam Spain     Video Here

FRANKLIN, Tenn. — A man who grew up on a farm in Williamson County was killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.

“They said ‘Adam,’ and it just broke my heart,” said Adam Spain’s father, George Spain.  Spain said his 44-year-old son was known as a gentle giant.

“Most people take a sip of life,” said Trina Flynn, Adam’s sister.   “Adam got the whole vat, and he drank it in.”  Adam played football and graduated from David Lipscomb.

His dad said Adam knew from an early age that he wanted to serve in the military.”  He was 17 when the Russians invaded Afghanistan,” said Spain.  Adam’s son, Shane, followed in his father’s footsteps, and the two are difficult to tell apart in photographs.

Lynch Spain said his brother’s death feels like universal pain.  “This is one family experiencing what many have since 9/11 and, unfortunately, more will,” he said.

It hasn’t been a year since Adam’s mother, Jacqueline Spain, died from cancer.   In his mother’s last days, Adam would pick a flower from her garden and place them in a vase beside her bed.  “By the time she died, the whole windowsill was filled,” said Flynn.

Now, as Adam’s wife, Angie, and others come together to say good-bye, it’s the memories this family said they will treasure the most. Original Story here

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