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Contractor Killed in Insurgent Attack in Afghanistan Bryan Keith Farr

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 21, 2010

Contractor Bryan Keith Farr shot and killed in Afghanistan

Details forthcoming.

He was 22 yrs. old and went to work there because of the lack of employment here in the US. I’m deeply saddend for not just all of us that loved him but for everyone!! I spoke with him alot while he was there just as recently as 1 week ago. He called to tell me he would be home soon and he better see me !! He will be missed greatly

WE LOVE U Bryan Farr R.I.P.

6 Responses to “Contractor Killed in Insurgent Attack in Afghanistan Bryan Keith Farr”

  1. anastasia said

    Bryan I still don’t want to believe that it was you…and I know you still wouldn’t want us to be sad but its so hard…we miss you so much..its not going to be the same…i just wish we could go back in time and fix this..i know your smiling down telling us to stop crying….well that’s not the exact words…lol..we love and miss you B.Farr!

  2. Kayla said

    Bryan was 21 and would have been 22 in November. He was my bestfriend and the greastest friend that anyone could’ve had. I miss him like crazy and my heart is full of pain. I love you always Bryan and you will forever be missed.

  3. Zakaelia said

    As it’s been stated,Bryan was 21 and would be 22 in November. It just makes me so weak to know that he’s gone. I love Bryan for all our good and bad times. He was so ready to come home from Afghanistan, in fact he would have been home July 1st. This is so unreal and hurts to know that he is no longer physically here, but I am a believer in spirit, and his spirit shall live forever. I love you Bryan, we all loved you for the laughter you blessed our hearts with, R.I.P and just know that what you did, was more than just brave, what you did was outstanding. Truly a guardian angel to many!

  4. chat said

    I really miss you

  5. IRIS said


  6. Jael said

    You were always acting crazy just to make people laugh. You made Tina happy,so I was happy. I remember when you called me and told me that you couldn’t wait to be home and that you remember someone asking you if you would rather be happy with no money or miserable and rich and you always picked happy with no money, but you felt like you were living the exact opposite. Even to this day I can’t believe it because it hurts so much to know that you’re no longer here. To this day I still ask how could this have happened,but God needed an angel to make him laugh so he called you home. I remember when you came the saw the baby and held her then told you were going to come back to see her again. There were barely anytimes that i saw you without a smile. Right now the only good thing that i see out of this is that i know you lived a good and happy life. You really were like my big brother and I miss you! Love you…..RIP

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