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Department of Labor and The Carrier/Employer Collaborate Again

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 21, 2010

Signal/NAWE Maritime Conference June 3-4  2010   Chicago

Signal Mutual Indemnity Association Ltd. and National Association of Waterfront Employers

Representatives from the Department of Labor will join long-time practitioners in spirited discussions on how to create innovative opportunities to improve current practices and procedures

Acting Chief Judge Stephen Purcell,

Retired Judge John Vittone, and

Janice Ulan; U.S. Department of Labor, Benefits Review Board

The Longshore Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act  and The Defense Base Act Administrative System is adversarial enough without high ranking DoL Officials spending taxpayer money to attend a conference designed purely to help the insurance companies and their attorney’s to create even more

“Innovative Opportunities to improve current practices and procedures”

One Response to “Department of Labor and The Carrier/Employer Collaborate Again”

  1. This doesn’t surprise me. The DOL rep. (Ron Cosinski) in the New York City Office told me in Feb 2005 that A.I.G. just “automattically” denies ALL CLAIMS from the War Zones.

    He spoke as though it was nothing at all?! It didn’t nother him a bit that they blatently violate Federal Laws.

    Of course, he probably knew that A.I.G. donated $5 Billion to poltiical campaigns over the previous 10 years so they wouldn’t be bothered by those pesky Federal Laws.

    It took my Congressman, John Hostettler, to get my claim opened. And it happened FAST!!! Thanks to John Hostettler!!

    Then Congressman Hostettler got beaten by a Democrat, and now we have no represaentation in southern Indiana.

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