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Our Fallen Contractors

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 31, 2010

An Arlington National Cemetery caisson carries the body of retired Air Force Col. Michael W. Butler, who was killed while working as a private contractor in Iraq. (2007 Photo By Charles Dharapak — Associated Press)

We’ve had the honor of spending time this weekend thinking about each of the fallen contractors whose names we’ve been able to compile on Our Fallen Contractors memorial at American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Please keep them in your thoughts as well as the many unnamed and uncounted Contractor Casualties who gave it all.

One Response to “Our Fallen Contractors”

  1. dante said

    The American Embassy did not even bother to send a single representative to my husbands funeral, it was labor day weekend and they obviously had other leisure plans not to be interrupted by something as banal as the death of a covert spy, an American patriot who served his country for over 20 years in both the military and State Dept. There can never be an excuse for this, we found out anyhow despite your best efforts to cover up and only because us foreigners loved one of yours whom you deemed disposable.
    Shame on you forever!

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