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We Welcome the Medical Muckraker Blog

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 11, 2010

The Medical Muckracker is a new blog by Award Winning Medical and Science Writer Bryant Furlow.

Bryant has been researching and reporting on Medical Issues that effect military as well as contractors for many years.  At our request he recently researched and reported on the medical effects of the warzone Burn Pits  which was published in the Lancet Oncology. He has extensively researched  Traumatic Brain Injury, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Leishmaniasis, Acinetobacter baumannii, Toxic Exposures, and other issues effecting the military, contractors, and their families.

He started this new blog to expose wrongs and highlight under-reported public health stories that affect peoples’ lives but have been neglected by the mainstream media.

Bryants Evidence Based Medical Reporting will be be invaluable to all War Zone Contractors as you navigate your own medical diagnoses’ and confirm causation.

You will find Bryant’s work posted here often.  Check out Bryants Intro Page

4 Responses to “We Welcome the Medical Muckraker Blog”

  1. Marlo Hone said

    I must say I can’t believe it took so many years for someone to put together everyone into a data base to figure out the effects. But the worst is no one has put together the effects of what happens when you come home to denials. The toll it takes on not only the body but your mind. We need to get together and put own what abuse the insurance companies put us threw as people for a dollar.
    Lets talk about the injuries from the denial letters. The effects on the body for the denial of medical insurance. What about the toll on the person when they loss everything they worked so hard for. Lets put that down on paper.
    Shall I start!!!

    • Charles Pak said

      @Marlo Hone~ I agree entirely Marlo, as its been 2years and 6months today for me and I’ve lost everything I’ve worked my last 15 years to try to build all so AIG and Co affiliates can add onto their bonuses and take bailouts at the same time. This has not only been a failure of the Department of Labor but a severe failure at the hands of the Justice System as well as law enforcement, by in large to include the medical community.

      • Marlo said

        Stand strong, it took us 5 years to get something from CNA. I can say that overall it wasn’t much. But it got us back on our feet for a short time. What these companies forget to tell you is that after all is said and done to get private insurance it is impossible. It is impossible to get another job. My husband has since started looking for a job again. After we paid out of our own money to get his shoulder fixed to working order. But we are thinking he has been black balled. With over 300 jobs applications filled only 2 calls have come threw.
        Don’t let them win hang in there. There are always people like you and me out there that will talk to you. Help you get the frustration out I found that this site has helped me. Trying to fight for those who can’t. I am thinking it is time for everyone like I have been saying for 2 years now to stand together in front of the white house and Senate so that they know we are real people.

  2. Barbara Dill said

    I just joined this blog and I can’t agree more with Marlo and Charles. Let’s see, I have lost my husband, (Priceless in monetary value), 2 cars, my large propane tank, (I use the 7 gallon size and take them myself and get them filled.), this past winter I was without electricity for 3 months,
    my credit is so bad now I should be arrested, and I have had to sell numerous items just to survive. I gave up Wade’s vehicle as a voluntary repo. They auctioned it off and now want me to pay $10,000 what they didn’t get in the auction. I have fought and fought with B of A trying to save our home. My sanity hangs by a thread. Yes, the contractor and their families suffer many loses. I did find one positive. My refrigerator has never stayed this clean before, why? Because there is hardly any food in it. My doctor had me put on Social Security Disability because it is hard for me to be away from my home. My husband had very calmly sat for four days and destroyed every appliance, and TV, Stereo system, DVD players, and our two computers. He took his time by opening them very carefully, unscrewing them etc. Then he would rip the insides to pieces, then carefully put them back together. Put everything back where it belonged. If you walked into my home everything looked normal, except NOTHING worked. He destroyed the big screen TV last because he was watching movies while he did all this. I was afraid of him because he came home acting so strange. So I went and stayed with a friend across town at her house. Once everything was destroyed he went to the Oxford Suites. He took his own life 5 days later. He left behind two emotionally destroyed souls. Today is the 4TH anniversary of his death. Oh yes, we lost our lives as we knew them. We will not give up, the fight for justice is all we have left.

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