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Armorgroup security guard Danny Fitzsimons to face court in Iraq

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 13, 2010

A British security guard facing the death penalty for murder in Baghdad has been declared mentally fit for trial in a ruling that paves the way for him to face court in August.

Note:  Danny Fitzsimons was diagnosed with PTSD, drug and alcohol problems, and had a firearms charge pending when Armorgoup hired him to work as a PSC in Iraq

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By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent
Published: 3:19PM BST 13 Jun 2010

The trial of Danny Fitzsimons, who is accused of murdering two colleagues in a drunken rampage, will open on August 4 unless further medical reports contradict the assessment.

Judge Ali Abbas al-Yousif of the Baghdad central criminal court said yesterday Mr Fitzsimons had been adjudged by doctors to be mentally normal and fit to stand trial.

(Maybe they took John Dorland Griffith over to do the dirty work)

But he also allowed an appeal by Mr Fitzsimons’s lawyers for a second opinion, allowing a re-examination by a second panel of doctors.

Mr Fitzsimons, a former paratrooper, was working for ArmorGroup, a private security division of G4S, the former Group 4 Security, last August when he shot two colleagues and an Iraqi interpreter.

The two dead men were Paul McGuigan, 37, a Briton, and Darren Hoare, 37, an Australian, with whom he had been drinking in a bar in Baghdad’s “Green Zone” foreign enclave. He wounded the interpreter as he tried to run away.

Mr Fitzimons has claimed self-defence, but his lawyers are also arguing that he was suffering post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of his years of military service in Iraq.

He had previously been fired from another security company after it was decided he was too unstable and had been given a suspended sentence for firearms charges in the previous November. Mr Fitzsimons was facing further charges after brandishing a gun at a gang of teenagers outside his flat in Bolton.

If he is convicted, he faces the death penalty, though lawyers say it is more likely that he would receive life in prison, and at some time be transferred to serve his sentence in Britain.

3 Responses to “Armorgroup security guard Danny Fitzsimons to face court in Iraq”

  1. Marlo said

    Okay I have to say this. Gun, ammo, combat zone and alcohol do not mix.

  2. daffodils said

    To blame this on booze is just ridiculous, otherwise there would have been thousands of incidents like this one over there because they were all drinking, of course it may have contributed but to ignore the fact that this man was discharged from the military and on disability for PTSD and deemed too unstable to work in Iraq by his peers from another company tells you all you need to know. Plus he worked for that depraved company that tolerated and encouraged sexual hazing in Kabul guarding the American embassy, right?
    No matter how much the government and the Covington Cabal tries to downplay the disorder, PTSD according to the bible of psychiatry, the DSM-4, can cause dissociative flashbacks which means you go berserk, go insane, for a period of time following a trigger for however long it lasts (does not mean you have symptoms all the time, persistent does not mean continously).
    How else do you explain that more soldiers have died from suicide than in combat from the recent wars, or the rampant murder-suicides of loved ones, including babies and even pets thrown against walls, and one-third felony convictions in Californa alone? if they were all bad to start with, how did they pass all the psych tests and manage to complete training and earn all those purple hearts?

    I hope this man’s lawyer reads DBAcomp (or someone tells him/her to do so) and argues the revised version of DSM-5 to be published in 2012 which reflects the current general medical consensus that has evolved from 1980 when the DSM-4 was published. Note in particular that one of the new PTSD criteria (new cluster) is aggressive behavior.
    To say that this man was mentally normal at the time when he did this is highly improbable.

    2. DSM-IV A2 Criterion has no utility

    20. Criterion E1. changes the focus from angry feelings (retained in D4) to aggressive behavior
    21. Criterion E2. New criterion-Focus on reckless and self-destructive behavior

    E. Alterations in arousal and reactivity that are associated with the traumatic event(s) (that began or worsened after the traumatic event(s)), as evidenced by 3 or more of the following: Note: In children, as evidenced by 2 or more of the following:****

  3. David Johnson said

    After a fair trial if found Guilty then death it should be

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