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Federalization of Gulf Coast States Workers’ Comp and your Defense Base Act Claim

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 15, 2010

Update:  While Hilda Solis was in attendance at the meeting with BP we have no indications that Worker’s Comp is included in the 20 Billion drop in the bucket antied up by them


Apparently  the decision to have the  Secretary implement the emergency necessary to apply the Libby Health Care Act to the Gulf Coast States Workers’ Compensation program has already been made.

The Libby Health Care Act was tagged onto the Health Care Reform Bill.

After  Obama’s meeting with BP today we will probably hear that they have “voluntarily” agreed to pony up to the Superfund and waive control of claims  administration or cede it to the Department of Labor.    Under  Worker’s Compensation Law they are relieved of all responsiblity for any reason to injuries to Oil Spill Workers.  We already know they are not using safety precautions and here

CDC conducts health survey at construction site to house oil spill clean-up workers; NIOSH reviews medical records from hospitalized fishermen

BP posts oil spill clean-up workers’ injuries log

EPA Data show dispersants plus oil are more toxic than either alone.

This likely explains some strange goings on in the fourth and sixth Regions  over the last month.

If you have a claim in these districts you may soon be competing with injured Oil Spill Workers for Department of Labor processing and hearings.  Click here to find your region and district office.  If your lawyer moved your claim to one of these districts for his own “convenience” you can thank him again.

Certainly the insurance companies will be no more inclined to pay benefits to Oil Spill Workers than  they are Injured War Zone Contractors.

How many of these States buy their Workers Comp insurance from AIG, CNA, ACE or Zurich?

We’ll let you know.

6 Responses to “Federalization of Gulf Coast States Workers’ Comp and your Defense Base Act Claim”

  1. Going Silent said

    I thought everybody already knew this system was broken and does not work. Now they want it to do more? It never has done anything!!

  2. anonymousonpurpose said


    The Gumbernment can fix ANYTHING…Just let the geniuses at the DOL take care of it…it will all go away and be swept under the rug.

    They have done such a fantastic job that Congress still hasn’t done anything…they must be doing their jobs.

  3. Brit guy said

    It must come as some relieve to workers assisting in the clean up that they are covered under this act.
    It was interesting to see that Obama tried to compare this disaster to 9/11 and called it an attack on Americas shores.

    A warning to you all of involved in the clean up READ THIS BLOG TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU SIGN UP TO PROTECT AMERICAS SHORES.

    It would explain Obama’s continued attacks on BP trying to up the anti to try and negate the need for the insurance companies to start fighting these claims.
    Are we to believe that these workers are going to paid in full if they get injured or become ill because of the spill?
    Or are they going to labelled liars malingerers and cheats just out to get money?
    I bet it is a great deal of relieve to all those involved in the clean up to know that exposure to toxic chemicals is not hazardous to your health (KBR Qarmit Ali, Burn pits across Iraq and Afghanistan)
    Any distressing scenes that they come across are in no why going to affect you (Texas judge rules war not hazardous) after all bombs and bullets burning people dead bodies are know where near as traumatising as seeing sea birds covered in oil. Crying on TV as the oil ruins the beautiful white beaches.

    It must be a great relief to the businessmen and women to now that as they are marched from their homes because they can no longer pay the bill to know they are covered by the DoL.
    I am not trying to make light of the disaster in the gulf and sympathy must go to the families of those that died.
    Eleven people lost their lives on the Deepwater Horizon but that figure pales into insignificance (It is not insignificant to families involved I agree) but when compared to the amount of contractors killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those losing their livelihoods at least have their limbs and health to try and rebuild their lives unlike the contractors with serious injuries relying on system designed to protect them, but is now a cash cow for greedy insurance companies and their attorneys.
    I bet the dollar signs are still rolling around in their eyes as they prepare to fight the claims comming in from the Gulf spill

  4. anonymousonpurpose said

    Hello again,

    Wow, well said.

    That is so true that the scum bucket attorneys, on both sides of the coin, are salivating over this whole horrible environmental disaster! They are vampires and the world would be a better place if most lawyers would get their just deserts.

    keep on keeping on…that’s all we can do.

    Never thought about it because it upsets me so much, but all of these people ARE calling me a liar, fraud, malingerer, and a money hungry cheat. If I was healthy, I could have ten times the amount of money I have gotten so far…with absolutely nothing being paid to me for the pain and humiliation of going through this heartless system.

    Screw them!

  5. daffodils said

    Sound familiar to DBA claimants? Only one settlement out of 6700 cases.

    … “No one has ever done a longitudinal study of health impacts on workers or residents after previous oil spills, he said.
    More than 6,700 workers involved in the Exxon Valdez clean up in 1989 suffered respiratory problems, but the company attributed the illness to a virus, not chemical poisoning, according to the Associated Press.
    Only one worker successfully settled with Exxon on health issues, but the company did not admit fault.”

    Since all the symptoms reported below are subjective, one can be almost certain that these claims will be denied by Solis’ labor department, and the clean-up crew branded as fakers and malingerers with various pre-existing conditions (like having sneaked one smoke 30 years ago). Its just sickening how corrupt this system is.

    … “Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals said this week it has had 71 reported cases of oil spill-related illness, 50 of which were workers on oil rigs or those involved in cleanup efforts. Eight of those workers have been hospitalized. Those workers that fell ill reported flu-like symptoms, throat irritation, shortness of breath, eye irritation, nausea, chest pain and headaches.”

  6. Gordan Finch said

    When you deal with Insurance groups like Zurich Financial Services, ZURICH the Insurer. Or Ace or AIG or any of ZFS subsidairies (and there are thousands with different names, all designed to decieve you into believing you are dealing with a different insurer.

    I would warn any state town city or official and certainly the PUBLIC, against placing any insurance with the Insurance group ZURICH FINANCIAL Services.

    This company has been fined $Billions for Racketeering Fraud Bid Rigging Non Payment of Valid Claims and was Bailed out and taken over by the US Government to protect policy holders and banks.

    You are dealing with the Worst Insurer, who are listed by several States as the worst.

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