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Hilda Solis Ignores Payment to “Documented”DBA Casualties

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 21, 2010

Hilda Solis  has plenty time for “Undocumented” Workers but refuses to address  “proper payment for every cent they are worth” to Injured War Zone Contractors who have no money to pay lobbyists with…..

Follow the Money……..

6 Responses to “Hilda Solis Ignores Payment to “Documented”DBA Casualties”

  1. anonymousonpurpose said

    “You Have the RIGHT to be paid FAIRLY”


    I wish, oh how I wish karma would jump up and bite Ms. Solis for her prejudiced and biased ways. WE went to support the fighting men and women of this country and WE have not been taken care of.

    Who do we call Ms. Solis?

  2. Going Silent said

    Everybody call that number.

  3. Charles said

    and after you call that number, call it again, and then after that call the judges and after that call AIG and their employees, then after that call the defense attorneys involved, and anyone else supporting this travesty of our system…..

  4. Marlo said

    I saw the greatest statement the other day. The basic statement said that if you go to Iran as an illegal you get death. You go to Korea as and illegal you get 10 to 20. You come to USA you get a job, house, medical and government assistance. If you were born here and fight you get dumped on. But it was in much nicer words. I cleaned it up for everyone.

  5. Superman said

    Here is the deal! The reason the DOL is not helpful is simple. They are jealous of the wages injured contractors are receiving. They have on numerous occasions stated that,

    why should a truck driver making $30k a year ago to Iraq and make $90k for a few months come back after injury and make $60k a year more than they did before they went over.

    Let me spell it out at 2nd grade level. It’s because you get compensated for your injury based off your last wage.

    With this mentality we will never received proper meditation or proper care from the DOL.

    Therefore its Ms Solis’s responsibility to ensure this is not occurring. It is her responsibility to ensure injured workers are cared for immediately. Unlike the current situation where you find Contractors returning home with legitimate DBA cases filed, in some cases more than 2 years and have yet to receive care.

    This may work in the short term for AIG and CNA but in the end it will catch up to them. The DOL will claim ignorance and AIG and CNA will be demonized and hit with insurance fraud and many other colorful legal terms.

    But as Superman has stated before it’s clear the insurance carrier only wanted to collect the premium and did not ever intend to honor their contract to take care of an injured worker.

  6. Superman said

    Additionally the other issue is that the “Defendant” does not have to follow or do anything the DOL tells them to. The DOL has NO POWER TO ENFORCE anything.

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