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ACE in place to deny bp oil spill compensation claims

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 24, 2010

by Brit Guy

Anybody recognize this company! God help those involved,  but more importantly God help us.
We are not media darlings nor am I covered in feathers and struggling in oil.  I am not stood on the beach crying about my beautiful beach being ruined and how my business is going down the toilet.

I am in pain though,  fighting to get the treatment I need, to make sure my checks arrive on time,  chasing attorneys as they play games with my life as I watch my life disappearing down the toilet at the hands of these people.

To all of you in the Gulf Good luck your going to need it.

Deepwater Horizon Incident Response

ESIS®, Inc. (ESIS) is currently working at BP’s direction to administer claims associated with the Deepwater Horizon incident. ESIS is processing claims according to BP’s guidelines as overseen by the U.S. Coast Guard in compliance with the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.

BP also will evaluate all claims for bodily injury even though they are not payable under the Oil Spill Pollution Act of 1990.

To date, ESIS has more than 700 claims professionals in 32 field offices in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi. ESIS uses licensed claims professionals where required.

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