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Leader of Military’s Program to Treat Brain Injuries Steps Down Abruptly

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 25, 2010

by T. Christian Miller, ProPublica, and Daniel Zwerdling, NPR

WASHINGTON, D.C.–The leader of the Pentagon’s premiere program for treatment and research into brain injury and post traumatic stress disorders has unexpectedly stepped down from her post, according to senior medical and congressional officials.

Brig. Gen. Loree Sutton told staff members at the Defense Centers of Excellence [1], or DCOE, on Monday that she was giving up her position as director. Sutton, who launched the center in November 2007, had been expected to retire next year, officials with knowledge of the situation said. The center has not publicly announced her leaving.

Sutton’s departure follows criticism in Congress [3] over the performace of the center and in recent reports [4] by NPR and ProPublica that the military is failing to diagnose and treat soldiers suffering from so-called mild traumatic brain injuries, also called concussions.

It comes just as the Pentagon prepares to open a new, multimillion-dollar showcase treatment facility outside Washington, D.C., for troops with brain injuries [5] and post traumatic stress disorder, often referred to as the signature wounds of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Read the Entire Story here

5 Responses to “Leader of Military’s Program to Treat Brain Injuries Steps Down Abruptly”

  1. daffodils said

    So when are the Covington Cabal going to do the honourable thing and resign for all the unspeakable injustices and slow death they have deliberately inflicted on those suffering from TBI and/or PTSD, in particular:

    Lee J. Romero, Jr. District Chief Judge (notably in the case of Steve Thompson) followed by

    Clement J. Kennington

    Larry W. Price

    Patrick Rosenow

    and to a much lesser extend C. Richard Avery

    Hope you take a walk on the beach and see for yourself what your blind, selfish, inhumane and most of all deceitful havoc your judicial philosophy has wrought. Hope you burn in hell.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      There is no doubt that they and the DBA Plaintiff’s Attorney’s that walk these claimants through the Cabals halls without eeking out a word on behalf of their client, as in the Steve Thompson case, see the DBA XFileshave ruined many a life.
      Maybe they do not all die right away but for many of them the spark has been extinguished.
      May the DBA Plaintiffs Attorneys that so negligently throw these claims burn in hell alongside them.

  2. Brit guy said

    Click on the Defense Centers of Excellence link.
    The 6/27/2010 is PTSD awareness day.
    Funny that you have an awareness day for something that the ALJs and insurance companies claim does not exist.

    Does this mean that Congress are going to pass a law saying that it has to be recognized? Does this mean that all those denied treatment in the past will now get the help they need?

    Are the Judges and insurance companies along with their bogus dubious doctors going to be forced to apologize to the loved ones of those people for who it has come too late?

    Or as I suspect is this just another political stunt for public consumption without substance.
    Let us hope for those suffering we do not have to wait to long to find out.

    To you Daffodils I agree may those who put profit before care rot in hell to me they are worse than the terrorists as you expect them to stab you in the back. You do not expect that from those who we signed up to protect

  3. anonymousonpurpose said

    Does not matter if it is PTSD or real quantifiable injuries…

    these “people” (I use that term loosely) will find a way yo deny, delay, and destroy any hope you had of recovery….

    May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their nether regions!

  4. Superman said

    Get a PET scan !!! IF you have to pay for it yourself get it. That will be un-disputable proof that these scumbag insurance companies will not be able to defend against. Even the V.A. fails to give Veterans PET Scans… because it proves without a doubt of the injury.

    What they want to do is give you a MRI or CT scan this does nothing and will show nothing more than if your scull has been deformed… you can look at yourself and know that. But to know how much brain damage or function is going on the key is a PET Scan.

    C.N.A. has admitted that PTSD and TBI are interrelated! Many have PTSD and can function, “hiding” the symptoms and even continuing to operate for years. Unfortunately the symptoms of PTSD are severely injuring the soldiers & contractors but they can still function. Upon suffering a TBI it causes that individual the inability to mask those issues from PTSD, resulting in severe exasperation of the PTSD and its symptoms. Therefore the TBI is the more serious injury.

    I read somewhere that 90% of the folks diagnosed with PTSD actually have a TBI. The symptoms over lap. The medical community knows what to do to but continue to fail to treat the injuries. You read that there is “Really no treatment for TBI” well let me tell you that’s BullS**t. First of all let me break it down for you.

    The TBI makes the PTSD worse, The TBI causes Obstructive Sleep Apnea, The TBI causes Pituitary Gland dysfunctions, which results in the lack of production of Vitamin D and Testosterone and B12. TBI also can cause seizures, strokes, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

    So lets break it down, knowing from basic research on the internet from numerous medical organizations there are undoubtedly connections so why are TBI patients not being screened for all these issues especially when they display the symptoms? Hell, TBI patients are not even being screened for TBI.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs are just as bad as AIG and CNA the V.A. are giving the soldiers ridiculous tests for example

    Apple, Orange, Tomatoes… now what did I say.

    If you remember this then the V.A. says “Oh you don’t have a TBI or maybe you may have a Mild TBI” they just don’t care. Go get a PET Scan that shows Severe damage and look at the reaction from the V.A. shock, amazement, any explanation why the incorrect diagnosis, you will receive nothing and then you will receive NO treatment.

    It is pretty easy to connect the dots. I just did.

    The hormone test is needed to display your low levels of Vitamin D, B12 or Testosterone that are essential in your diet. Just read about the slue of serious medical conditions related to the lack of these three items. All because of the damage to the Pituitary Gland from the TBI.

    The Department of Veterans Affairs, Aig, C.N.A all do not care they want you to die!

    They do not care.

    If they didn’t want you to die they would be treating and taking care of the TBI patients and they simply do not. Therefore you must take your treatment and care into your own hands… ask for the tests, demand for the tests to prove all your conditions, and then and maybe only then will they begin treatment.

    Remember the insurance company will deny diagnoses or any type of treatment that could prove your condition.

    They will attempt to say “You were never in any danger”

    Let me tell you anyone from a “Mail Clerk” to a “Cook” was in danger of rocket attacks and as anyone who served in a war zone clearly know that these folks in most cases are in more danger than the front line troops.
    As a soldier you would know if you were to attack the enemy what do you attack first? Your logistics. Your communications. Your support network.
    Guess what C.N.A & Aig that’s what our current enemy is doing, attacking our Support, Logistic, and Communication support. Lets break it down for these retards at C.N.A. and AIG I guess this is directed at their lawyers, example number
    1, Logistics means a truck convoy of food to support the troops. They enemy will attack and kill anyone they can and steal the food or supplies to use for themselves.
    Example number
    2, random rocket attacks, shooting as many rockets or mortars into the Green Zone randomly in the effort to obtain as many Causalities as they can. Therefore its clear there is no, “Safe Zone” no one is danger free. Humm Iraq and Afghanistan are listed officially a “War Zone” that is the entire country. The Red zone and Green Zone are both within that War Zone.
    I believe that is self explanatory.

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