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Senate Passes PTSD Awareness Day Resolution

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 26, 2010

Contributed by Brit Guy

Click on the Defense Centers of Excellence link.

The 6/27/2010 is PTSD awareness day.

Senate Passes PTSD Awareness Day Resolution

Hey we nearly missed it!!  They passed the resolution yesterday just in time for tomorrow.

Funny that you have an awareness day for something that the ALJs and insurance companies claim does not exist.

Does this mean that Congress are going to pass a law saying that it has to be recognized? Does this mean that all those denied treatment in the past will now get the help they need?

Are the Judges and insurance companies along with their bogus dubious doctors going to be forced to apologize to the loved ones of those people for who it has come too late?

Or as I suspect is this just another political stunt for public consumption without substance.
Let us hope for those suffering we do not have to wait to long to find out.

To you Daffodils I agree may those who put profit before care rot in hell.

To me they are worse than the terrorists as you expect them to stab you in the back.

You do not expect that from those who we signed up to protect

2 Responses to “Senate Passes PTSD Awareness Day Resolution”

  1. Superman said

    Ok this is a joke! If they were so concerned they would ensure AIG & CNA would not continue their harassment campaign against the injured that simply exasperate their fragile conditions.

    The only explanation why AIG and CNA must be receiving a pass on all their illegal activity must be??? To destabilize these large institutions could further destabilize the U.S. economy?

    • brit guy said

      Sorry mate no joke at all you can find all of this on the net as I did. Destabilizing the economy has nothing to do with it. It is all about greed greed greed. How can I make more more more. Oh forgot without putting myself in harms way I know I will screw those that do.

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