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Lying to the Judge: It is OK if a lawyer does it?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 1, 2010

When a defense attorney makes statements in paperwork that they sign their name to and present to an Administrative Law Judge

You would expect they’ve been very careful to tell the truth and only the truth…..

You’d think…

We were told recently that it has become accepted that  Attorneys will lie on behalf of their client.

This is Wrong, Right?

The American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct states that a lawyer “shall not knowingly make a false statement of material fact.”

In other words, lawyers aren’t supposed to lie–and they can be disciplined or even disbarred for doing so.

Right, it’s Wrong,

Even in the DoL’s Administrative Faux Law System it is still very very Wrong.

One Response to “Lying to the Judge: It is OK if a lawyer does it?”

  1. Ms Sparky said

    OMG!! Just think about all those poor corporate attorney’s (paid liars) that would be out of work. What would companies like KBR do?

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