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Doctors Who Work for Insurance Companies

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 5, 2010

ACIIA Doctors Who Work for Insurance Companies

What kind of Doctor would find it necessary to supplement their income by performing  Second Opinion Medical and Psychiatric Examinations on Disabled Veterans and Contractors, often one in the same ?

These second opinions are normally used against the injured contractor to deny benefits.  Often payments are discontinued immediately after one of these “second opinion’s” based solely on this report despite treating physician reports that are in direct conflict.  It can take years and years before a contractor will have the opportunity to dispute these purchased reports.

Why would the insurance company insist that you travel far out of your geographic area to see one of their doctors as opposed to  choosing  one of the many available in the town or even state that you live in?  The DoL and some ALJ’s even support this abusive practice.

Would you put your life in the hands of a Doctor who chose to work for AIG, CNA, or ACE ?  They do have a choice….

The crew over at American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan think that people who might unwittingly choose one of these doctors to be their treating physician someday ought to know who they work for.

You can give them a hand by visiting their page and letting them know who AIG, CNA, ACE paid to provide a second opinion on your disabilities. DME Doctors

But please feel free to discuss insurance companies hired gun doctors here.

Insurance Company Drs. Paid to Second-Guess Disabled Veterans and Contractors

6 Responses to “Doctors Who Work for Insurance Companies”

  1. anonymousonpurpose said


    The Dr. (?)who did an ?Independent? review of my case was a liar and a fraud. He used non-existent “evidence” to support his obtuse conclusion that my injuries were “pre-existing!”

    There was NO evidence, just some ten year old articles published in obscure out of date medical magazines. We are supposed to take these at face value? who’s kidding who?

    Judges that give these obviously biased Dr.’s (?) any credence whatsoever put their own biases into the light of day. It is so obvious to ANYONE that these men are making up facts that they should NEVER be allowed in a court of law! Who do these judges think they are fooling? Our legal “system” is corrupt and biased towards the corporations who provide monetary incentives in the form of campaign funds!

    It is clear that the system is antiquated and obsolete that allows this kind of abuse of discretion.

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  3. brit guy said

    Here we go.
    First a pre-existing jury is compensable if it did not affect you doing your job. Also it is compensable if your injury has aggravated the pre-existing injury.

    As for the hired guns try and work this out if you can.

    The insurance company sent me to see a doctor of their choice he confirmed my injuries and being an expert in his chosen field gave his opinion of my long term prospects which are not good.

    To say the insurance company where less than impressed by his recommendations would be an understatement and have now asked the DoL for an independent medical arranged by the DoL.

    It is hard to see what has changed as I am not a salamander it is hard to see how the missing bits are going to grow back.

    I face a lifetime of pain not assessed under the LHWCA/DBA/WHCA

    And yes you have guessed it they still continue to argue and fight the case. Despite the treating physicians reports and recommendations confirmed by their own doctor.

  4. anonymousonpurpose said

    I agree 100%!!!

    I KNOW that a pre-existing condition does not matter. I know I DID NOT HAVE A PRE-EXISTING CONDITION before going to Iraq, my 8 hour physical and life time medical records prove this!

    My “lawyer” never put in a final brief, I believe he was working for the Defense under the table. The “judge” decided my spjnal cord injury was “pre-existing” with no real proof at all, even so…IT DOES NOT MATTER.

    Will you please explain this to my new lazy lawyers who think an “Appeal” is so difficult and rarely produce results. IT DOES NOT MATTER!!!!!!!!!!! Even if I did have a pre-existing condition…I should have won my

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