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CNA DBA Casualty Merlin Clark “Alleged” Seventh Anniversary of his “Alleged” Injuries in Iraq

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 6, 2010

July 7, 2003

Doing Battle Area Clearance in a RED ZONE with no security, no weapons, under orders to work anyway, appearances are everything don’t you know

“Allegedly” being blown up in front of  numerous witnesses,  six of whom “allegedly” caught the rest of the frag, he was medivac’d to Acinetobacter Alley, Dogwood Field Hospital in Baghdad.

He was then medivac’d , along with some “Alleged” Acinetobacter to Landstuhl where he was left without a  Medivac for five days.  This in complete disregard of the doctors orders to get him out of there ASAP  so  he would not lose his leg, but still his employer/carrier


The military got him to Walter Reed for an extended visit in the “Alleged” OR , ICU, and Ward 57, before CNA so proudly medivac’d him to a civilian hospital.  You would have thought they parted the Red Sea

Merlin, we sure hope that your “Alleged” Injuries turn out to be nothing more than that, Alleged.

Think of how different your life will be when both of your legs and both of your arms and hands work again, you can hear again, you can think clearly again, your back, neck, head do not cause you constant pain, you can sleep at night, your leishmaniasis “heals on it’s own” as they said it would seven years ago.

You’ll be able to work at your profession again, providing a humanitarian service, valued as a person, not treated like a criminal who has already been convicted,  relieved of his rights by an Administrative Law System and those they serve.  You’ll have that money back in your bank account that was drained to cover expenses and will have added considerably more to it.

Your daughter can get the last seven years of her childhood back.

Oh, Please ALJ, make it go away,  make it all be “Alleged”………..

6 Responses to “CNA DBA Casualty Merlin Clark “Alleged” Seventh Anniversary of his “Alleged” Injuries in Iraq”

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    • rhida said

      my husband got acinetobacter while hospitalized [in isolation] at NIH [2008]. i hope someone told him before he was discharged because no one bothered to share this with me or even the gravity of this bacteria. he died almost 7 months ago [age 37] because he was treated for “progressive cancer” which his doctor felt was more of a threat than this deadly bacteria.

      it’s appalling that others who are never affected by these events get to decide if something is “alleged” even when the proof stares them in the face…
      in the end, we all have to answer for our actions…

  2. daffodils said

    This is so outrageous i’m truly at a loss for words.
    Nothing, not even a full retrospective award can begin to make up for what these sadists have put you through, laughing all the way to the bank.
    Hang in there, my friend.

  3. Superman said


    Hang in there!

    You will have the last laugh!

  4. […] All an attempt to placate them while CNA continues to screw them over. […]

  5. anonymousonpurpose said


    Know that there are people on the other side of he world praying for you. Wish I could do more but I am going on 3 1/2 years myself. I am so sorry for your pain.

    Good luck to you in all of your endeavors.

    Your friend against a common enemy,


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