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In Memory of Wade E Dill Casualty Not Counted

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 15, 2010

Wade and Barb Dill

The man I married was my prince charming.
We had grown up together.
High school sweethearts, we were married 17 ½ years.
I believe that if he had never gone over there he would still be
here today.
Something happened in Iraq.
He committed suicide the morning of July 16th, 2006 at the
Oxford Suites.
He left behind a lot of pain and two ruined lives.
I never dreamed I would be without him
my daughter without a father.

Wade Dill Memorial

6 Responses to “In Memory of Wade E Dill Casualty Not Counted”

  1. You are in our thoughts today Barb.

  2. Michelle said

    Our family is thinking of you today. May you have peace in your heart and love for your beloved Wade.

    Michelle & Family

  3. anonymousonpurpose said

    I am sorry for your loss.

  4. David Boiles said

    My think of you and Wade ( my heart gose out to you and family ) each time I see you on facebook or Internet ! I had to fight A.I.G. over four years to get a court date ! You will have to hang in and put up a good fight with them !!! A.I.G. will try to wait us out until one is broke , we went through the whole mess and now we are paying our way out !!
    aka BIG UN

  5. Layla said

    Dearest Wade,
    We are not going to forget you in a hurry. Thank you for being you, and many thanks for serving our beloved country the U.S.A..

    We love you and your family, We are so sorry for your lost.
    May God bless your family in every step of the way.
    We are in unity with your family to stand aganist this unjust world we live in it.

    Once again thank you for being you,


  6. nighthawk said

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. We give a hearty salute to your husband Wade, and we thank him for his service and contribution to what Im sure he believed was a worthy cause. We mourn your loss and hope you remember that you are not alone. May His Grace and Mercy flow mightily!

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