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Suicide rate continues to climb

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 18, 2010

By Bryant Furlow at  Epinews

June 16, 2010 — The U.S. Army’s newly-released suicide tally for June present a daunting picture of many soldiers’ dispair.

June saw 21 active duty U.S. soldiers take their own lives and 12 National Guard personnel and reservists commit suicide — a higher total than for any previous month on record.

Civilian contractors’ suicide rates are not reported.

AepiNewswire reported, Army epidemiologists were reporting to their superiors in March that they had identified combat deployments as a significant risk factor for soldiers’ suicide — contradicting the official line that there are no discernable correlations for the increasing suicide rate since 2004.

The combat deployment association was declared a “political hot potato” at a high-level meeting in March, and by April, the findings had been “re-analyzed” with “more rigorous” (but undisclosed) statistical analyses.

The new analysis showed no correlation between suicide and combat deployments.

Army scientists’ research on soldiers’ suicide rates in 2006 and 2007 were among the potentially sensitive studies censored by the Army under its obscure Actionable Medical Intelligence review program, the existence of which was first reported by epiNewswire in 2008.

So it goes.

One Response to “Suicide rate continues to climb”

  1. SuperMan said

    Wow! It’s about time someone noticed this.
    It is simple…..
    Military doctors are intentionally not diagnosing soldiers correctly to keep the numbers low.
    For example, recently, a 23 year Veteran Special Forces Master Sergeant (E-8) at Ft. Bragg, NC had gone to Womack Army Hospital for help a YEAR ago after returning from Afghanistan. He had been attacked and received a Bronze Star when he repelled an RPG attack. He began to have symptoms consistent with PTSD and TBI.
    Womack Doctors said he did not show the symptoms of PTSD or TBI even after this Master Sergeant read the symptoms to the Doctor out of the issued PTSD handbook. Rather they diagnosed him with “Anxiety” and told him he should retire.

    Now for the past year they told to the soldier “stay at home”. He has had no medical follow up, nothing.

    Now only after this was exposed are they attempting to play the cover up game.

    After consulting with Superman, this Hero on his own took leave flew out of NC to another state where he was seen by a Doctor with credentials far superior of that at any military hospital.
    Not only did the Doctor say he had PTSD and most likely TBI but that he was in fact “TOTALLY DISABLED” as a result.
    This soldier then flew to his home state where he went to the local Department of Veterans Affairs and the Doctor agreed to see him and conduct and interview and evaluation even though this soldier had yet to discharge from Active Duty. The result was the same, PTSD (SEVERE).

    Well the Special Forces Master Sergeant returned to Ft. Bragg, NC. He submitted all medical documentation to his Congressman and guess what? It started a shit storm.
    The head of Womack a Colonel meet with the soldier and attempted to back track and cover their ass. The soldier simply said, you should be ashamed of yourselves, all I want is treatment and now to ensure the lower ranking soldiers are not jerked around the same.

    Currently this soldier, after originally being told he was fine and to retire, has now had two surgeries and has two more scheduled and now he is being medically retired.

    This is a travesty!! We are doing the same thing to our current veterans as we did to the Vietnam Veterans.

    And there is NO DOUBT in Superman’s mind that these Doctors are being directed NOT to diagnosis PTSD & or TBI so that they can minimize cost and also the true number of injured.

    Any Officer, that would be the doctors in the military that would surcome to pressure from above to ignore someone’s cry for help for nearly 1 year and jerk that soldier around giving him a false diagnosis to promote their cause should be prosecuted and hung for Treason! They are soldiers as well and that is the worse they could ever do to a fellow soldier.

    Superman believes this is why the suicide rate is so high. When the soldiers go for help they are totally and completely ignored. Superman can prove this !!

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