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CNA Claims Adjuster Debora Donato

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 20, 2010

Let us know what’s up with this one, aside from being non responsive

8 Responses to “CNA Claims Adjuster Debora Donato”

  1. Marlo said

    Oh do you mean they should be helping everyone. I still think it is funny it would cost less money to pay what they should pay instead of fighting everyone.

  2. brit guy said

    So whats so special about her I thought that’s what they all did.

    My attorney has been writing letters for nearly a year to get medical treatment that was authorized by the insurance company paid for.

    They even told the DoL that they had paid for it.

  3. I’m not sure there really is a Debora Donato, may just be a recording telling you to call another number which is a recording telling you to call the first number
    Almost a clever denial strategy.

  4. SuperMan said

    Superman’s sources within CNA have stated that Debora Denato is a scapegoat while Samin Papa is on her pilgrimage. No one is handling anything while Samin Papa is gone. If you try and contact Denato you will be sent on a charade of voicemails, try another numbers, and dead phone lines.

    Samin Papa has been removed from cases for her incompetence and or intestinally denying benefits fraudulently. Samin Papa is on Superman’s Most Wanted list of Domestic Terrorists wanted for the crimes against U.S. Citizens.

    Superman is patiently waiting for the Prosecution and Conviction of Samin Papa for her crimes which are coming in the near future.

  5. Superman said

    Superman knows all, Yes there is a Debora Donato

    Actually its Debora C. Donato she is 52 years of age and has resided

    736 Westwind Dr.
    Bolingbrook, IL

    her relatives are
    Sandra Donato & Vito Donato

  6. SuperMan said

    Superman has also been made aware of another Domestic Terrorist who is showing up on my radar

    Nannette Husnik
    1000 W. Washington Blvd
    Chicago, IL 60607

  7. sam hill said

    I don’t know about Nannette being a “Domestic Terrorist” although I would hope that that the 1000 W. Washington Lofts Board of Directors would show up on your radar for prosecution and conviction for their innumerable “crimes” against U.S. Citizens.

  8. […] Debra Donato’s number is a recording asking you to call another number.  The other number asks you to call the number you first called. […]

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