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Danger: Never attend an Insurance Company Second Opinion Unarmed

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 27, 2010

Never attend any medical or psychiatric evaluation on behalf of the DBA insurance company without your lawyer or an advocate that your attorney provides and

Never attend one of these without a videographer.


The Insurance Company may have you see a doctor of their choice for a second opinion.  While you must attend these you are afforded many rights under the DBA that are being ignored at your expense by YOUR attorneys, the DoL, and the ALJ”s.   Ask your attorney what your rights are.

This is especially important if you are a TBI or PTSD patient.  You will need an advocate with you at all times who is able to protect you from inappropriate questioning and intimidation tactics.

You are required to attend, you must cooperate within the “scope and purpose” of the examination as it relates to the aspect of your claim you are being examined for.

Your lawyer, your advocate, and your video of the examination are your only defense against manipulative and deceitful Doctors who are paid by insurance companies to help deny your claim.

Shame on you DBA attorneys who send your unsuspecting clients into these ambushes blind, far from their geographic area, without the scope and purpose of the examination clearly defined, on short notice and without even checking the credentials and backgrounds of these insurance company whores.

And even more worrisome are the ALJ’s who set aside the rights afforded the claimant under the very rules and regulations used to set up these deceitful exams on behalf of the insurance company.

Never attend an Insurance Company Second Opinion Unarmed

4 Responses to “Danger: Never attend an Insurance Company Second Opinion Unarmed”

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  2. brit guy said

    Good post however it is clear from the above post that you have NO rights.

    The insurance companies and their so called paid doctors and the overpaid scum that represent them have all the power.

    Failure to attend the appointment instant denial of benefits months to get them reinstated.

    Failure to comply with a request instant denial of benefits.

    Failure for the insurers to pay medical bills no penalty

    Failure to pay benefits on time regardless of what the act states or what the DoL say no penalties even though you are entitled to interest.

    At no point regardless of what the personal outcome or the hardship endured is any penalty imposed on the insurance company/

    To make matters worse your employer is relieved of all liability under the act regardless of they what they have done even if negligent

    So how can anybody say or expect any justice or a respect of their rights.

    So if you still think you live in a free country with justice and liberty for all think again.

    The American constitution by which all your presidents swear to uphold and to which your military swear to defend has died and be rewritten by the whores of congress who put power and profit before what they were elected for and claim to uphold.

    Sorry for the rant but can any of you say what I have said is wrong???

    I bet not but I am open for debate

  3. Superman said

    If your Lawyer does not show up with you he/she is a “SHITBAG” fire them!!

  4. […] or a nurse), have the scope and purpose of the Examination clearly defined, or most importantly to video the examination.  It must be you who pursues these protections because your DBA Attorney is not likely to suggest […]

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