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Claimant’s contest of actions taken by employer or carrier with respect to the claim.

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on July 29, 2010

20 CFR 702.261

Where the claimant contests an action by the employer or carrier reducing, suspending, or terminating benefits, including medical care, he should immediately notify the office of the district director having jurisdiction, in person or in writing, and set forth the facts pertinent to his complaint.

List of District Offices

One Response to “Claimant’s contest of actions taken by employer or carrier with respect to the claim.”

  1. brit guy said

    You can file what you like it makes no difference the district director can order the insurers to pay for treatment but has no powers to take the money from them. They have no power to force them to pay if you inform the district office and they tell the insurer to pay the insurers just ignore them.

    And continue to ignore them

    And ignore them

    And ignore them.

    You continue to complain and finally they set a date for an informal conference this is held the director or examiner issues recommendations in your favour and guess what.

    They ignore them

    The insurers now that these offices and the officers in them are powerless to do anything.

    They wait for filing with the ALJs office hoping they will get one of their paid monkeys to deny the recommendations.

    How much time has passed years what has happened to YOUR money it has sat with the insurers making them money in interest payments in the meantime your health as suffered and your financial situation dire.

    They offer to settle for a pittance of what your claim is worth knowing you have been backed into a corner and will have to except

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