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Intimidation Tactics by CNA Claims Adjusters and Third Party Medical Providers

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 16, 2010

Disclaimer:  This post is regards those injured contractors who were so badly mutilated and incapacitated that they required home health care services after leaving the hospital.  Also those injured contractors in UK, South  Africa, and Australia that CNA calls their Tacticor Dogs on.  These abusive tactics are not limited to CNA, but today, we aim directly at them.  May they get what is due them.

We’re betting that none of you injured contractors or your  family members ever dreamed that in the event you or you loved one was injured in Iraq or Afghanistan that the Cost Cutting Risk Managers at CNA were going to attempt to control your life and your health care.

We have thoroughly read through the LHWCA and DBA and nowhere does it say that DBA Insurance is a HMO or any other kind of managed medical plan.  Nor does it say they can make medical decisions for you.

But trust that as soon as CNA is notified that you are injured you now have double trouble.  CNA now has control of your health care, not to mention your finances, under the pretense of being qualified to determine what kind of medical care you require.  Never mind what the doctor ordered.

If CNA is intimidating your wife and family by threatening to have you removed from your home because your family is questioning the health care and the third party medical provider about the services you are enduring


This is a standard intimidation tactic used by CNA

You do not have to allow them into your home, you do not have to allow them in the examining room at the doctors office.  You may choose your own doctor, not Tacticor’s, not CNA’s.

You did not become their property, do not have to put up with their intimidation tactics and harassment.

Video, record, and email, no telephone calls that cannot be documented.

Remember, if you are this badly injured your death benefits, if your family ever gets them, are worth much less than your long term care…….

4 Responses to “Intimidation Tactics by CNA Claims Adjusters and Third Party Medical Providers”

  1. Going Silent said

    I firmly belieave this one!! AIG wanted non-english speaking people to come to my home to take photos to HELP?? Me get the surgery I needed.?? I asked 1 question. Can you pay for the surgery I need?? They said NO. So I said NOOOO!!!!! You have no reason to call me anymore.

  2. I have to support that this is a problem.

    When CNA took over my husbands medical care it was a nightmare.
    Everyone they hire is the lowest bidder, least qualified they can get.
    We know this because we have many friends who work in the healthcare industry and none of them would even consider working for the companies they hired.

    CNA claimed they could not get anyone else. Well I called around the Healthcare companies and inquired about the availability of IV Qualifed home nursing and there were plenty of them available and they could have provided us with a regular schedule of qualified nurses, not a steady stream of whoever they could scratch up.

    It was never that CNA could not find qualified health care it was simply that they would not pay for it.

    They tried to be the go between between my husbands doctors and us. Surgeries were cancelled without our knowledge due to CNA not approving them.

    Trust that everything you do or say will turned against you as though you are creating the problems as opposed to them. This is what they do for a living, they are experts at spin.

    They tried to bully me into “behaving” by threatening to have my husband removed from our home and put in a facility by claiming I was endangering his life.

    CNA was endangering his life in order to save money.

    The Attorneys I contacted assured me that this was the way insurance companies treated “claimants” and that I should continue to do everything possible to ensure that my husband was not injured further by low ball unqualified home health care employees.

    Our experience with their OT and PT was that they were foreign with little english and were in the States on Work Visas. These other countries do not always have the same qualifications to receive these titles as they do in the US. You can bet they were “cheaper”.
    No offense to these workers but they do not instill much confidence in an injured person who is trying to recover, not get worse.

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  4. Widow in California said

    Now I know what happened to the HMO’s! I worked for a doctor and once we had a patient with a retinal tear. This is something that is considered an emergency or you go blind. Well he had an HMO. The hospital wouldn’t schedule surgery unless his insurance approved it. They took too long to answer back because their “doctor” was busy. Our patient lost the sight of that eye. Good thing he still had one good eye! That was just wrong. The doctor I worked for told all the patients with an HMO that he’s see them for enough time to find another doctor who would accept their insurance. That insurance wasn’t about the practice of medicine, it was about the practice of getting more money. Sound familiar? State Aide treats people better than that.
    Sounds like CNA hires those that no one else would dare hire because of liability. Since they don’t seem to have any fear about being sued because they seem to have some sort of ammunity, as if they are “above the law”. When an order or judgement goes against them, they ignore it and make a joke out of our justice system..

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