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State Department Says no more TCN PSD’s

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on August 19, 2010


·         The ADPM announced today that the DoS has finalized their decision to remove TCNs from PSD positions due to the requirement for secret clearances.

·         There will be a transition plan to replace TCN personnel with US as they arrive starting with the next PSS course graduation in November.

·         He will be talking with PMO to see if there are other positions elsewhere within the company.

·         If personnel have other opportunities and want to depart sooner, he will look into pro-rating bonuses.

John O’Ryan, PMP

Deputy PSD Commander

DynCorp International CIVPOL-Iraq

U.S. Department Of State

International Narcotics And Law Enforcement

LSA Butler, Bagdad, Iraq

3 Responses to “State Department Says no more TCN PSD’s”

  1. brit guy said

    Interesting so only American companies can provide PSD requirements if they employ Americans so all of the service provided to the US by Aussies, Brits, Kiwis, South Africans, East Europeans. I take it we can no longer be trusted not bad considering XE’s record or that of most of the other US PMC’s indeed one could not even be bothered to attend a congressional hearing but a Brit company could. Amazing they can move this quick yet they are unable to change an out of date and corrupt act. I can only assume that the reason for this is it makes it easier for the insurers and their scum bag attorney’s to deny benefits due and owed.

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      It is a great way to thank our allies we agree. Would really like to know who is behind this decision.
      The costs are going to be phenomenal.

      Think much of the PSC work is contracted to Foreign companies.
      G4S who owns Armorgroup, Wackenhut, and Ronco Consulting
      Dyncorp is now owned by Cerebrus

  2. esmacd said

    US PSC’s are going to be easier to screw over if they are injured is all, cant commute after they are MMI and the medico’s being private are going to be selective on what ever the insurer’s decides they will pay, very unfortunate.
    Well Blackwater/XE had a fantastic record of service in Iraq and from my memory only they and Custer Battles were actually kicked out of Iraq and they only hired US personel, good idea going back down that track again.
    I could go on about all the experience and goodwill about to be thrown away but then it is typical that the tcns ie the rest of the coalition is being kicked to the kerb without a backward glance. Then I would be wasting my breath so wont bother, well done anyway.

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