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Alan Herzel, DynCorp, Killed in Explosion in Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on September 8, 2010

WEAR Pensacola Local Contractor Killed in Iraq

HAROLD – A local family is mourning the loss of a father and husband killed while working as a civilian contractor in Afghanistan.

Alan Herzel worked for the Dyncorp Company, first working as a civilian contractor in Iraq before transferring to Afghanistan.

Last night, his wife Connie was told Alan had been killed in an explosion.

Right now, Alan’s family does not have a lot of information on what happened, but they believe there was an explosion at the base in Khandahar where Alan had been working.

A representative from the company Alan worked for is supposed to meet with the family soon.

says the toughest part is not having any real answers as to what cost Alan his life.
A family friend says this sad case has brought the tough reality of war home to a lot of local people. He says the toughest part is not having any real answers as to what cost Alan his life.

Bruce Spencer/Herzel Family spokesman
“That’s where we’re at right now. We don’t know. We have no idea what happened. All we heard was there was a bomb blast. It was in a building he was in. But we don’t know if he was working or sleeping or what.”

Bruce Spencer/Herzel Family Friend said, “We’re so sheltered from a war, in Pensacola. We don’t really think much about wars. We hear about them, but unless they touch someone specifically to you, it’s just a far away thing like a fairy tail, but it’s not a fairy tail. It’s real and men are dying. Good men.”

Alan had just married Connie Herzel before being sent overseas this spring.
I’ve spoken to Connie several times today.

As you can imagine, she’s emotionally drained, and just wants to know what happened.

He also has a 15 year old daughter who lives with her mother in Mississippi.

A family spokesman told us the only thing that’s being requested from the community is everyone’s prayers.

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