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No Danger in Iraq in 2003

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on September 10, 2010

U.S. Civilian Contractor Killed in Iraq

Tuesday 05 August 2003

BAGHDAD, Iraq – An American civilian delivering mail to the U.S. Army died Tuesday when his truck was blown apart by a remote control bomb north of Tikrit, the military and his employer said.

The slain U.S. civilian worked for Kellogg Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Halliburton, a Houston-based oil field-services and construction company. Halliburton is the former company of Vice President Dick Cheney which has major contracts for reconstruction in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Company spokeswoman Wendy Hall said the worker was on a daily mail run from Baghdad International Airport to the Tikrit region when the mine was exploded. Tikrit is 120 miles north of the capital.

Hall said the dead employee was with a team supporting the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and that two fellow workers were in the convoy but not hurt. The military and the company declined to identify the victim.

It was not immediately clear if the civilian contractor was the first to die in Iraq, but their deaths have been rare, despite their work in extremely dangerous conditions.

5 Responses to “No Danger in Iraq in 2003”

  1. dante said

    How on earth can you guys rewrite history in that shameless deceptive way? their deaths have NOT been rare at that time, the DOD did not even know whom they were employing, and Gates adimitted as much not so long ago.

    So many civilian contractors died or were injured in 2003 that the military put out threat reports warning them, including specific incident reports with Ian Rindell and his translator the first one ambushed and shot through the head early September 2003 are first recorded that i know of.

    Its high time i pass on the files to WikiLeaks, the only way to preserve history for our kids in the face of this cover-up of history. Any of you have a problem with that let me know soon.

  2. I think the people writing this fiction need to spend at least a few weeks in country. Then they’d have some idea of life not reported my the Military.

    There have been over 17,000 contractors killed and over 32000 injured or wounded.

    The DOD doesn’t track contractors. We aren’t human to them. Even though almost all are veterans of past wars, we are nothing.

    Coming home from Iraq or Afghanistan wounded or injured as a contractor is just like coming home from Viet Nam all over again.

    We are trash, nothing more. Most troops and the companies we work for, along with many of the American public, treat us just this way.
    When Americanshear “Military Contractor” they automatically think
    That’s not the case with 90% of us.

    AIG, CNA, et al, treat us as if we don’t exist. Only Federal Court Judges’ orders are enough to get them to honor their contracts. Those advertised as being necessary and required by LAW!

    The DOL cares little about American workers. They allow AIG,CNA,et al., to deny all necessary medical care to injured or wounded defense contractors sent home by their companies for that express purpose.

    I’ve been home for almost six years.
    I thought I was going back for the first couple of years. It took two and a half years to get court ordered medical care. Now I’m crippled for life.
    I’ll never be able to work again.
    I LIKE to work! I’ve done my job for over 30 years. I WAS great at it.

    Our Government allows insurance companies to torture contractors.

    I’m in extreame pain. I will be for the rest of my life because of Joe Johnson of AIG. He choose to cripple me. It was all HIS decision.

    He wouldn’t allow my doctor to “so much as put a heat pack” on my back. Or so, my doctor told me.

    If you expect anything but pain from our Government, you’ll beleft wanting…..

  3. dante said

    What happened to you was once upon a time known as criminal negligence, they knew perfectly well that your condition would deteriorate to this irreversible stage without treatment, and hoped you would just fade away as most claimants do.
    I salute you for speaking out, despite your condition and knowing that they will try and find a way to retaliate against you for doing so.
    You are right, they regard us as human garbage but the real problem is not one clerk at an insurance firm, but a handful of department of labor judges who colluded with the insurance companies early on to make sure they maximized their profits. check out T Millers reporting at , AIG and CNA made a financial windfall from denying people like you and me and countless others and deterring even more from even filing.
    Waxman’s congressional oversight committee found obscene profit margins of around 50% from the DBA premiums paid by the government.

    I have one question for you, Jim, because I was told early on by a dear friend who started the contractor website that “thank God Tim did not have to go through this” , meaning he was better off dead than having to go through this whole entire humiliating corrupt DBA bull….

    Do you agree? I was horrified when i heard that but so many people in this place seem to be OK with this notion, that fellow human beings are disposable once they can’t fully contribute anymore, no matter how or why their injury happened. Is this really what’s going on here?

  4. defensebaseactcomp said

    Apparently being injured while covered under the Defense Base Act is an automatic relinquishing of your rights under US law.
    Surely denying these basic rights to our “foreign” DBA claimants would be illegal in their home countries.
    More contractors and their attorneys are going to have to start standing up to the bullying by the insurance companies and calling out the DoL and Judges when they are wrong, instead of rolling over to ensure they get a payday themselves.
    If your attorney tells you “Not to make waves” or “this is going to be challenging” maybe they are not up to the challenge.

    • brit guy said

      Yep it is a violation under our laws in fact it is a complete violation of the European Human Rights Act. An avenue a lot of UK contractors are now looking at to stop this abuse because if the US insurers will not pay and wish to abuse our rights then under our laws then our companies can deal with them instead.

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