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New Year’s Toast 2011

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 1, 2011


Again this year to

T Christian Miller for his continued investigative work on issues vital to Injured Military, Veterans, and Civilian Contractors at ProPublica and with NPR.  Your Traumatic Brain Injury coverage will benefit soldiers and contractors as well.

Last year we predicted you would win an award of  “some kind” for your efforts.   It wasn’t long before they started piling up and all well deserved.

Our sincerest Thanks for your many years of listening to story after story.

MsSparky !!  Can’t say enough, not here anyway.  Pedal to the metal.

Veterans Today for your support and help in promoting issues vital to Injured Veterans and Civilian Contractors everyday, every year.

Our Big Advocate Bruce H Nicholson for countless “unbilled” hours.  Your support has been over the top.  We look forward to an even more productive year this year.

Our “A” Team at American Contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan for your unrelenting research and DBA claim decision database.  We haven’t seen anything yet, so we are told, can’t wait.

Much of the work done here at DefenseBaseActComp is not yet published and many of the people who do the work choose to remain anonymous.

To all of you who support our Injured Civilian Contractors and the families of those who were killed, named and unnamed

We wish you a Very Happy New Year !!

Cheers !

One Response to “New Year’s Toast 2011”

  1. Bill Dover said

    Sir, would you send my mr Nickelson address. i am looking for a DBA Attorney. I was injuried in Iraq in 2003. The attorney that I retained has done absolutely nothing to get my DBA Case settled.

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