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The DBA Casualty: Injured Employee or Financial Transaction

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 6, 2011

“The touch of a human hand and tone of voice can do so much in the process we call healing”

So often, we see workplace injuries that are treated as financial transactions when, in reality, they are fundamentally human events: someone is injured, often through no fault of their own. The complexity of the system a worker may find themselves suddenly thrust into, the unfamiliar insurance jargon, the impersonality – all occurring at a point where the worker may be feeling fear and anxiety about their future physical and financial well being.  WCI

As this applies to the Defense Base Act

One minute your a valued employee contributing to the finances of the company and the next you are a financial, if not ethical, liability to them.

Often, rather than help the injured contractor secure the DBA medical and compensation the employer will team up with the insurance company against them.

This is despite the Exclusive Remedy clause which relieves the employer of all liability for any reason no matter if they put you in excessive danger or not.  We still do not understand why the employer involvement when the DBA insurance is cost reimbursable to them, no fear of the rates going up.  In fact many of the Government agencies are contracting the pricing of their DBA premiums.

For most contractors injured in Iraq or Afghanistan it amounts to being thrust into a world where you have no control over your own medical care or your finances.  Few will have an advocate to help them through when they are at their most vulnerable.

Not the DoL LHWCA though it is their stated mission.

And many of them will never be awarded the medical and compensation that was intended to protect them.

Our prescription: Less thinking about the injured worker as a claimant and more thinking about them as a person. In our experience, that’s what leads to the best financial outcomes in the long run. WCI

Thanks again to Worker’s Comp Insider for presenting the flip side of the coin, so to speak.

Please read the post from which we have  quoted and view the video at their blog

2 Responses to “The DBA Casualty: Injured Employee or Financial Transaction”

  1. anonymousonpurpose said


    For anyone who knows my story, I have been through years of feeling like a number on some account sheet.

    No one has ever taken the time to take care of me. I hurt, every day, all day. I want help, and yet I wait.

    A simple knee surgery ignored for so long that when the surgery finally happened, I ended up with lifelong arthritis.

    My spinal cord injuries, while in the early stages, had a much better chance of solving the underlying pain…now I’ll more than likely suffer till the day I die!


    How can a G-damn insurance scumbag deny care for no reason? How can you let the g-damn lawyers lie so obviously that a three year old could see through the lies, and yet you allow them to continue to deny care…despite going completely against the spirit of the Defense Base Act LAW!!!!!!! That’s right A LAW written by a Congress obviously meaning to care humanely with injured contractors who put their very lives on the line to support their countries efforts overseas!

    Damn all of you who have made me suffer, and continue to suffer for life! FOR NO OTHER REASON THAN HOPING THAT I EITHER GIVE UP OR DIE!!

    I hope all of you involved in screwing other people like this burn in hell!

    Happy Friking New Year!

    • daffodils said

      Is your BRB opinion out yet, or better known as comedy as Britguy calls it?

      you may just have escaped the fiction part, but according to them you should be glad you got treament at all which is better then the ones in their graves never had.

      Cheers to having trusted this cabal, they made around 500% profit off your back every day you worked and busted your a** in Iraq! and now they don’t know you at all. Such is Life. What more can i say.

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