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Blackwater, we beg to differ

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 26, 2011

From Mothers:  No Justice for our Sons Slaughtered in Iraq

The company has no comment on this
pending legal matter except to say that the dismissed claims were
precluded by law under the Defense Base Act’s workers’
compensation system, and

that the company continues to provide
survivors’ benefits to the families under that system.”

Blackwater has not spent on dime on DBA insurance.  Eric Prince even testified before Congress that DBA insurance was cost reimburable to Blackwater.

If the survivors are being paid DBA benefits it is the insurance company paying them, not Blackwater.  The Insurance Company will be reimbursed any benefits they pay out plus an administrative fee by the US Taxpayer.

While we’re on taxes here, these four slaughtered sons were classified as independent contractors for tax purposes but represented as employees for the purpose of purchasing the required DBA Insurance.  Like Ronco Consulting did they simply back date and produce  new contracts when then they needed to file DBA claims?  Or did they just never get in trouble for this fraud.

Blackwater has not missed a profit aside from their legal fees which would have been better spent supporting these families.

By 2oo4 Contractors would have know what they were getting into but no one expected to be sacrificed so you could cut corners.

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