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Why Thar’s Gold in Them Injured Contractor’s DBA Claims

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 29, 2011

Or So You’d Think……..

Seems like just yesterday one  Houston Attorney was bragging to the media

that he was one of only a few attorneys across the country who even handled

Defense Base Act Claims

-for better or worse-

For too many of  us here it proved to be for worse

As of late there are a rash of new websites up for Attorneys

who want to represent you in your DBA claim

In the words of one Attorney

“there is so much money, just there for the taking”

He was not referring to the claimants award

We welcome new untainted blood to the DBA Attorney gene pool

We are pleased to have more attorneys advocating for the injured contractor

when indeed that is their intention

But please do not do further harm to the injured and widowed by taking on claims

you are ill prepared or inclined to put up a tenacious and timely fight for

To those of you who know the law and will advocate for the claimant

Welcome to the Wild Wild West

but it’s no gold mine

One Response to “Why Thar’s Gold in Them Injured Contractor’s DBA Claims”

  1. If there is ever any justice in the DBA it would be valuable to know how the attorneys on both sides profit. If I remember correctly some of the attorneys who are representing the claimants actually seem to favor the insurance company or employer. Why do the insurance companies delay payment of claims when the money they pay is reimbursed by the government? That is a very important question leading to this, Do the insurors also make money from the attorney fees etc.? Another big question is do the insurors make money on interest by delaying the claims. Since many insurors’ also have banks they get a high percentage rate for any money they hold on to, and as we know they don’t care how many lives they destroy if it increases their profits.

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