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Wade Dill Casualty Counted: PTSD Suicide Defense Base Act Claim Awarded

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 30, 2011

It is difficult to consider this Justice after what KBR and here,

AIG and their attorneys and the Department of Labor

have put her and her daughter through these many years


Just it is

On January 21st a decision by ALJ  Steven B Berlin

Dill vs. KBR SEII and AIG


Barbara Dill

Defense Base Act Benefits for the PTSD Suicide Death of her husband

Wade Dill

upon his return from Iraq more than four years ago.

We have the decision and will update with more details, surely there is more to come

as well as thanks to the many people who helped shed light on the truth, but for now

Barbara and Sara may you rest a bit easier knowing that

a belated Justice has been bestowed upon

yours and your husbands good names

6 Responses to “Wade Dill Casualty Counted: PTSD Suicide Defense Base Act Claim Awarded”

  1. God be with Wade and his family !!

    I pray someday justice will prevail without being belated.

    I believe in the real world DOL stands for Destroyers of Lives, with no conscience or concern for the destruction of so many families.

    There are no words that can begin to describe the evil actions of the insurance companies and employers who destroy so many families !!

  2. Brit guy said

    I am pleased that at long last Barbara and her family may be able to find some peace but it will never bring back her husband.

    I do take issue that justice has been done however. I am not sure of the full facts but below is the LAW as issued by the DoL regarding the LHWCA/DBA/WHC.

    When someone has been fined and lost their liberty (Not their life) then justice may have been done.

    It will never be done though if it is never enforced.

    (c) A person including, but not limited to, an employer, his duly authorized agent, or an employee of an insurance carrier who knowingly and willfully makes a false statement or representation for the purpose of reducing, denying, or terminating benefits to an injured employee, or his dependents pursuant to section 9 [33 USC § 909]if the injury results in death, shall be punished by a fine not to exceed $ 10,000, by imprisonment not to exceed five years, or by both.

    I have the proof in my case but the DoL refuse to take action

    So Mr Obama stop lecturing the world on human rights and talking of freedom and justice to the oppressed people of the Middle East when you allow this to go on in your own country. So take your smiley face of TV until you enforce the law in your own country so people get justice.

  3. daffodils said

    Lets just celebrate a rare administrative law judge, Steven Berlin, who used his common sense and interpreted the 1940’s law according to the contemporary fact that suicides outnumber combat deaths in recent wars and showed no fear or favor to the insurance companies.

    And also to Wade’s coworker who had the guts to tell the court the truth about conditions in Iraq when he was there with Wade despite the fact that he will never be hired again for crossing the KBR lies.

    Justice in this country is nothing more than a gamble. Depending on the judge and the circuit the claim is lodged in, claimants with similar, if not identical, cases get either justice, revenge or get shafted. Just depends, just like the lottery, and their first lawyer is more likely to be in bed with the insurance company than not.

    You are right Britguy, this does not bring her husband back. KBR knew, as they and other employers did in previous suicide cases, that Wade was acting insane in Iraq and they just dumped him back home onto his family with no treatment or warning whatsoever. This is the real crime not considered by their cheapskate “exclusive remedy” award, if they ever bother to award it at all.

    Don’t underestimate the role advocacy and concrete help played in this case due to this website and its administrator and other contributors.

    Lets celebrate a victory for once!

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