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Who Do I Complain to that the DBA Insurer has no Duty of Care ?

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on January 31, 2011

We found this question being asked quite a few times this morning.  We certainly do not have the answer.  If we did this blog would not be necessary.  The Department of Labor refuses to respond to our questions though they have a public information email address.

It is obviously not the Department of Labor or their  Administrative Law Judges.  They recommend and order that the DBA Insurer must provide medical care, is LIABLE for medical care, but they do nothing to see that it happens.

South African Injured Contractor Daniel Brink Loses Family, Loses
Home, nearly loses life due to CNA Insurance Company

They do have the ability to deny the right to sell DBA insurance to any of these companies that so recklessly delay and deny medical benefits that they have been contracted to provide.

Maybe the Department of Labor could tell us why they have not denied the privilege of selling DBA insurance to these companies who refuse to provide medical?

4 Responses to “Who Do I Complain to that the DBA Insurer has no Duty of Care ?”

  1. JK said

    Another good point raised on this blog, thank you. I have another point similar:

    If a person deliberately goes out to deceive an insurance company in order to gain money from a factitious claim, it is called insurance fraud. Punishable by prison and huge fines, criminal record etc

    What is it called when an insurance company deliberately deceives the claimant in order not to pay out for a justified legal claim?

  2. Abbi said

    Because the Department of Labor Of Gods and OALJ’s are appointed, not elected. If we, the people, got together and started an amendment process to change this, they may open their eyes. There is not enough press about this war we are in, and war is money for all governments, about the civilians fighting this war beside our troops. Hell, our own troops are being forgotten. Does a day go by without something about the middle east being in the news? Do you ever see anything about the civilian contractors in the news? These are questions that need to be asked of our local, state and federal representatives. We’ve asked, they actually responded, no response from Washington D.C. Hey Obama, you won’t let your birth certificate information out, every other president has. I guess it’s the usual, our government is a joke anymore, the people need to get involved. I’ve been fighting this DBA bull for six years, and won’t quit fighting.

    • Brit guy said

      Hey JK search the net.

      You will not find one case of an insurance company committing fraud against a claimant.

      However you will find hundreds of post by the insurers showing claimants committing fraud against them. They go to great lengths to point out how this affects your premiums by these lying cheating scum (That’s us by the way not the insurers)

      If these people are protected by those in power then we have no chance.

  3. JK asked “What is it called when an insurance company deliberately deceives the claimant in order not to pay out for a justified legal claim?”

    I believe it’s called :

    (1) Fraud that is protected from prosecution by the DOL and DOJ
    (2) Manslaughter in the cases whee it caused death or destruction of lives and families
    (3) Murder in many cases because the insurors know exactly what they are doing
    (4) Psychopathic behavior exhibited by people who have no conscience

    I respect everyones spiritual beliefs. My spiritual belief is that all the crimes that the U.S. government is allowing in the Defense Base Act (and also in insurance policies governed by U.S. Title 29) is part of the powers and principalities and wickedness in high places mentioned in the Bible in Ephesians 6:12.

    The destruction of lives is so evil, and the government leaders ignoring this is so obvious, it sure seems like wickedness in high places to me.

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