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Barbara Dill, Wade Dill vs AIG/KBR SEII

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 7, 2011

Dill vs. SEII and AIG

The Department of Labor Office of Administrative Judges  has issued a 44 page

Decision and Order

declaring that an injured contractor suffered a psychological injury

as a result of his employment and that the injury led to suicide.

Survivor benefits were awarded to Dill’s widow and daughter.

Dill was hired by SEII, a defense contractor insured by AIG,

as a pest control specialist.

His job was to kill insects and trap rodents and certain feral animals.

He took the job to improve the family finances, pay down debt and

provide for his daughter’s education.

Dill was given psychological testing before being assigned to Iraq.

He was declared fit for service.

The ALJ determined that Dill’s work required his long term

physical separation from his family and exposure to a war zone environment,

“replete with both generally stressful conditions and specifically stressful incidents.

In the Judge’s opinion the changes in Dill’s behavior,

circumstances at home and the taking of his own life

were enough to connect his work to his death.

The employer was unable to overcome

the requisite legal burden to defeat the claim.

The Judge also declared that the suicide was the result

of an irresistible impulse that followed

a series of powerful countervailing impulses experienced

over a period of time.

Attorney Bruce Nicholson commented on the decision:

“The decision represents a sound road map for work related contractor suicide claims and is unlikely to be overturned when followed.”

5 Responses to “Barbara Dill, Wade Dill vs AIG/KBR SEII”

  1. Abbi said

    It’s about time something positive is happending or civilian contractors and their families. Is anything going to be done about the damage Dr. John Dorland Griffith and AOL Judge Kennington have done to these individuals and families as a result of the abusive testimoney provided and accepted by this Judge? Is there any justice within this system? I thought all cases Dr. Griffith provided “expert” testimony in were going to be reviewed. Maybe Dateline needs a story about this travisty…

  2. rich said

    I worked for the same contractor in Iraq and Kuwait.(KBR-SEII) I am a veteran, with help from the VA am diginoised with ptsd a GAF score just like my fellow vetrerans that are receiving benifits of this diorder through the VA. Even though I’m a veteran, exposed to war, I can not receive benifits from the VA because while I was there I was a civilian, so it’s unservice connected. I just found out about the Defense Base Act and working on getting my records and application together to be sent. I’d like to know if there is anyone going through this process and if any benifits have been issued.

    Thanks Rich

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  5. […] benefits were recently taken away by the Benefits Review Board when Attorney Bruce Nicholson, who was actively pursuing a settlement with KBR/AIG’s Attorney Michael Thomas, had a […]

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