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Army: War affected soldier Spc Brandon Barrett killed by Utah police

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 12, 2011

Associated Press

TUCSON, Ariz. — An Army investigation has found that a soldier from Tucson, Ariz., who opened fire on police in Utah last year before being killed was deeply affected by his deployment to Afghanistan.

Spc. Brandon Barrett deserted from his Washington state-based unit, suffered an apparent mental breakdown and died after opening fire on police in Salt Lake City on Aug. 27.

The Army report provided to his family and shared with the Arizona Daily Star concluded he saw so much mayhem during his yearlong deployment that it affected his behavior and actions.

The Army report recommends several changes to help troops returning from combat to Joint Base Lewis-McChord. They include a hot line and better documentation of AWOL soldiers.

The Army denied the 28-year-old soldier a military funeral, enraging many combat veterans.

2 Responses to “Army: War affected soldier Spc Brandon Barrett killed by Utah police”

  1. Superman said

    PTSD … Remember who were the Insurgents in Baghdad? The Iraqi police. We were attacked and killed more IP’s(Iraqi) police than anything else. No wonder why guys have problems adjusting to Law Enforcement when they return.

    this is a very serious issue. Superman himself was startled by a police car and tried to run the cop off the road. when I was pulled over I told them I sneezed and choked on my spit. The cop let me go. So no problem but for a moment I did have, I guess you could say a flash back. There is not doubt in Superman’s mind this is a serious issue.

  2. City News Local…

    […]Army: War affected soldier Spc Brandon Barrett killed by Utah police « Defense Base Act Compensation Blog[…]…

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