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Invisible Wounds can be fatal

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on February 26, 2011

Courier Mail Sunday Mail Australia

AUSTRALIAN families, friends and communities have buried 23 soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2002.

Each one was hailed for their heroism, remembered for their larrikinism and commended for their dedication to their mates and their mission.

But there is an even sadder and often silent statistic that is forgotten – the number of soldiers, sailors and airmen and women who have ended their lives for reasons that don’t command a full military funeral or public acknowledgement by politicians.

New Defence figures show that 31 enlisted Defence personnel have, or are believed to have, committed suicide since 2005.

Of those, 10 were in Queensland  the highest among the states, with seven suspected suicide cases in NSW and six in the ACT.

The suspected suicide deaths of two other Queensland soldiers earlier this year are also being investigated by the coroner but are not included in the figures at this stage.

Young Diggers president John Jarratt believes the number of confirmed suicides is just the tip of the iceberg with many more going unaccounted for once they have been discharged from the defence forces.

“Look at Vietnam. The number killed was far outweighed by the number who took their own life in the years after their service,” Mr Jarratt said.

“We call it the invisible wounds of war, people dying not in combat but as a result of combat, years later.”

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One Response to “Invisible Wounds can be fatal”

  1. The insurance companies theft of benefits is also causing injured contractors and their families to have extreme stress and PTSD. If someone already has PTSD the insurance companies crimes are like intentionally pouring gas on a raging fire.

    If I were on a jury I would find the insurance companies guilty of reckless endangerment, and in many cases manslaughter or murder.

    Of course it seems like the DOL and DOJ will do anything they can to obfuscate the investigations so they can keep the insurance company crimes safe from prosecution !

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