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Insurance Companies Stripping Medical Records

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 2, 2011

“Several stories detail possible fraud or questionable actions practiced by at least several major insurance carriers, but ignored and unpunished by regulators.

The WFAA-TV series has revealed how some insurance companies send peer review doctors medical files “stripped” of records important to the possible approval of workers’ comp claims.

Those peer review doctors who routinely deny care receive lucrative contracts, while those who approve care fail to be rehired.”

Thanks to Barry for putting this together with links at

Deadly Insurance Companies Organized Crime

WFAA revealed that the Texas Workers Comp Commissioner was a former insurance company lobbyist, and when he denied that WFAA showed his lobbyist business card !!!! HE LATER RESIGNED !!

5 Responses to “Insurance Companies Stripping Medical Records”

  1. A huge thanks to you and everyone who supports this website !!

    This is one of the largest, deadliest organized crimes in the history of the world, and it’s way past time for the Department of Labor and Department of Justice to stop what amounts to mass murder and manslaughter that is being committed by very wealthy insurance companies !!!!

  2. daffodils said


    they are so powerful that they got the 2nd highest court in this country (5th circuit appeals court) to agree that in a 3-judge verdict that the Iraq war (2003 – 2004) was NOT, repeat NOT life-threatening.

    Say it’s time to laugh, I mean really laugh out loud at what this circus has come to. Too bad about the ones’ spinning in their graves. One thing you can be sure of though is when this whole house of cards comes crashing down these frauds will be left with nothing just like the rest of us. Not fair, but inevitable.

  3. anonymousonpurpose said


    I am still fighting and waiting…what more can I do?

    I am amazed to this day the fraud that is so rampant. If I, an average citizen, committed these types of crimes I would be rotting away in jail somewhere.

    How can these people get away with such blatant fraud?

    Even these judges? Who do they answer too?

    They falsify evidence and quote evidence that is not even in the record and get away with it???!! How!!?? This is America! We are supposed to better than this!

    Dammit, I have been suffering needlessly for years now! I read about some of the TCN’s and I do feel truly lucky that I at least got one of my surgeries. Some of the stories I read were truly heartbreaking, but being in a foreign country just makes it that much easier for these scum to delay and deny!

    I hope they all rot in hell.

    There must be a law-school class that strips their very souls from their bodies?

    I would wish this kind of long term unending pain even on them…

    Good Luck to us all.


    • superman said

      Don’t worry, there are many that will be in jail soon enough. Sometimes it take a bit of time for justice to come but it will come soon enough and it won’t only be CNA but some of their lawyers who have actively engaged in this criminal conspiracy as well. What is occurring here is racketeering nothing different than the MOB. This is clearly organized crime at its finest and the truth will always come out.

  4. superman said

    listen its real simple the contracting firm will NEVER release the records as they will claim that a violation of security with their client the US Govt. Blackwater made their records disappear. Bottom line you could have your 4 year old write a medical record in crayon and there is NOTHING the insurance company can do to dispute it since they can not provide any documents nor could they disprove the document.

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