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CNA, AIG, ACE Ignore the PTSD Family

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 5, 2011

“To see the man inside the trauma,

to think that love can overcome what war has rendered,

to be the enemy of the man who professes to love you …

it is a hard, hard love to have.

It is isolating beyond anything I have ever experienced.

The men have the VA.

The spouses have nothing.

And yet we are the ones who contend with the effects of PTSD daily.

The children have to deal with the effects.

It’s a disease of the family, and it ruins lives.”

Jana Studelska to the Duluth News Tribune

Increasingly PTSD in  Active duty and Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars is being acknowledged and they are receiving help. Families are sent to counseling as well.

The Defense Base Act Insurance Companies are ruining entire families with their reckless denials of diagnoses, treatment, compensation.

One Response to “CNA, AIG, ACE Ignore the PTSD Family”

  1. Abbi said

    Our family has been living with “contact” PTSD for going on six years. It is painful to stay in a relationship with someone suffering with PTSD, especially for children. There doesn’t seem to be anyone interested in the mental issues that are returning home or how to help the families cope. The press are starting to get information and will be contacting DOL and AIG for answers…..

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