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Security Contractor, Adam M Carney, dies from apparent heart attack in Afghanistan

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on March 31, 2011

Midview Grad working in Afghanistan dies of heart attack

Adam M. Carney always wanted to help others, even in unstable and dangerous environments.

A 1995 Midview High graduate, the 34-year-old died Monday night of an apparent heart attack while working as a private security contractor in Afghanistan to train the country’s police force.

“That was all he talked about his whole life,” his mother, Wanda, said Wednesday as she and his father, Michael, drove to Atlanta where Carney lived. “He just loved to help people. And he was drawn to the excitement of the work. He liked that it was different all the time.”

Carney, who is survived by two young children, his parents and two brothers, had worked in Afghanistan for a private security contractor for the past 18 months. A former Navy firefighter and Atlanta police officer, he woke up early Tuesday morning and felt ill, according to his mother.

“He went to the (Army) base hospital and was later airlifted to a German hospital (in Afghanistan) where he was pronounced dead,” Wanda Carney said.

Please read the entire story here

4 Responses to “Security Contractor, Adam M Carney, dies from apparent heart attack in Afghanistan”

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  2. Ms Sparky said

    I am disappointed the original article did not name the contractor that has left his body stranded and is forcing his family to repatriate him. The hiring company has the responsibility to send his body home. The family needs to contact their US Senators and Congressmen ASAP. This is a disgusting travesty. WHO’S THE CONTRACTOR? Anyone?

    • defensebaseactcomp said

      We do know that he was working a police training contract and had been for the last 18 months.
      How many of those are there?
      We know that DynCorp has sent injured contractors home on their own dime but have never heard of this atrocity before.
      We’re working on confirmation

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