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Private Security Contractor Adam Carney’s family must repatriate his body???

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 5, 2011

Update  April 5, 2011  6pm

Two weeks after he died of a massive heart attack, former Atlanta police officer Adam Carney’s body is expected to be returned home from Afghanistan, where he was helping train that country’s nascent police force.

But his parents haven’t planned his funeral yet, saying Adam Carney’s employer, DynCorp International, has provided them with “non-answers” and conflicting information about when they could claim the 34-year-old Navy veteran’s remains.

“No mother wants to bury their son,” Wanda Carney told the AJC on Tuesday. “This has just been more torture. No one should have to go through this.”

The Carneys, who flew in from Ohio soon after learning of their son’s death on March 28, say they were informed Tuesday morning that he would be transported to Dover Air Force Base, where an autopsy will be performed. They hope to have the father of two back in Atlanta by the weekend.

“We couldn’t understand what took so long,” said Adam’s father, Michael Carney. “They kept saying, ‘We don’t know.’ Well, why don’t you know?”

A DynCorp spokeswoman said she understands the Carneys’ frustration but adds the delays were out of the company’s control.

Just when you think you couldn’t be more disgusted than you already are….

DECATUR, Ga. – Former military officer and retired APD officer, Adam Carney died of an apparent heart attack in Afghanistan on Monday night. Carney worked overseas as a civilian contractor. The family must pay to have his body flown back to the United States and buried.

The family and Humble Heroes-Police Memorial are hosting a fundraiser on Tuesday, March 29 from 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. at Avellino’s Pizza at 902 W. College Avenue in Decatur.  Avellino’s will, also, be donating a percentage of proceeds to the Law Enforcement Memorial Ride or the Unity Tour.

Carney’s brother, Josh, currently works as an APD officer and patrols the Zone 6 area. He is survived by a three year old and five year old.

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