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Tim Eysselinck, Ronco PTSD Casualty, Seven Years Ago Today

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 22, 2011

Tim Eysselinck

April 23, 2004

We lost Tim Eysslinck to PTSD seven years ago today.

May Ronco and their lies, CNA, Roger Levy, Gary Pitts, Judge Kennington and all who followed

carry the weight of having his family denied DBA benefits to their graves.

These are lives you so callously stomp on, neglect, abuse.

We’ve got your back Tim

2 Responses to “Tim Eysselinck, Ronco PTSD Casualty, Seven Years Ago Today”

  1. dante said

    Thank you for remembering.

    They worked him to death and then got away with their blatant ridiculous lies.

    But when the legal system itself is so obviously corrupt and abusive then justice will have to take another course. There are no benefits adequate for the supreme crime of defaming a dead man, especially not if he was a comrade.

    RONCO insisted on taking his gun away when they were targeted in Iraq and had a price on their head. When he refused to die for them all it took was 30 pieces of silver to turn up the heat and get rid of him. It’s as simple as that.

    Rest in peace, Tim, sure hope you are in better place.

  2. anonymousonpurpose said

    Sorry for your loss “B”…

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