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My Defense Base Act Attorney is not responding to my calls or emails

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on April 27, 2011

AWOL DBA Attorneys

This is a complaint we hear everyday from Injured Contractors.

There are different reasons why this may be happening to you but trust that none of them are good.

Do not wait to hear from an ALJ or the DoL that your claim has been lost or severely damaged due to missing a deadline or not having been filed properly.

If your DBA lawyer is not responsive to your questions and not keeping you updated on the status of your claim you need to contact the Department of Labor yourself to check up on the status of your claim.

Always be certain that the DoL has a current, accurate, address for you so that you will receive copies of all actions being taken on your claim by both sides.  If you do not understand what the paperwork you receive means you need to find out right away.     Often there are 10 day deadlines for responding that must be met.

Always stay on top of your DBA Claim yourself, always.

10 Responses to “My Defense Base Act Attorney is not responding to my calls or emails”

  1. Peter said

    Also make sure they are not going to be taking money from you.!! Like D.B. in Fla. ( Who also doesn’t return e-mails or phone calls. But then again if he’s gonna get his money outta YOU anyway. He doesn’t care if you get another one.) I’ve heard Scott Bloch always returns calls and e-mails.

  2. daffodils said

    Yeah, DB in FL took more in attorney fees from a foreign widow then she got in compensation.
    Lawyers always try to settle for a lesser amount for them to get paid without taking the risk and bear cost of litigation.
    Scott may return calls but is glad-handling, he had a case involving fraud from AIG affecting many claimants for over a year and did nothing to move it forward. Another AWOL lawyer is Bruce Nicholson, who had actually worked for Roger Levy at CNA years earlier, who just left two surviving daughter of a murdered kidnap victim working for Crescent in Iraq without survivor benefits because he did not file the motion in time.
    Bottom line is don’t trust your lawyers, you need to police them every step of the way.
    Good night and good luck.

    • anonymousonpurpose said


      still waiting on that fraud case, a lot of BS there…

      • daffodils said

        Oh, forgot about Aaron Walters in Atlanta who failed to tun in a post-brief that cost his client medical for a now life-long disabling disability. The judge even kept the record open but this lawyer “throws some cases to the insurance because he needs to get paid”.
        Playing God here, aren’t we?

        The BRB just ruled that another claimant who lost because her lawyer misled her is at fault because she freely chose her lawyer.

        What BS is this? do they now expect that every injured person becomes and expert in DBA, in every other place on earth there is a bar association to prevent these type of bad actors from hurting the profession. Not in DBA, because seven years ago there was a small incestuous clique of five lawyers in the entire US who did DBA. The cases were decided on the golf course, handed out so the whole lucrative racket could go on forever.

        I know for a fact that the “fake bad scale” was thrown out of two Florida courts years before Gary Pitts and other lawyers lost the majority of their PTSD cases because of this blatant fraud. It took a civilian contributor to this blog to do the research and uncover this massive injustice.

        Did any of them call back and apologise to their clients who are branded as malingerers, never mind offer to remedy the situation? Of course not, they are on the gravy train and there is no sherrif in town with the clowns at DOL deep in the pockets of AIG and CNA.

        • anonymousonpurpose said

          It is not right, it is not fair…it is absolutely against the DBA LAW! Yet, it still happens to hard working, naive contractors who actually believe in the general goodness of man, till they are screwed for life for nothing more than a bonus check……. 😦

  3. Superman said

    Ok this is completely normal, they wont respond until you go to an informal conference. Best advice get all your ducks in a row. Get all your diagnosis on your own. Use the VA if you have to or have that available to you. This is a war and AIG and CNA are clearly the enemy. They will dispute anything and everything as they get reimbursed by the government and get a 15% kicker for litigating these cases. They make money litigating and they loose just paying it out.

    Scott Bloch? are you kidding me, he is just malingering and hasn’t followed thru with much. He is your last resort. There are only a few attorney’s in the USA that are semi successful and they are located in Florida. Many of those will only represent folks in Florida. Otherwise Scott would be litterley your only option.

    You need to bombard the insurance company. If they are non responsive, no problem go to the ER run there medical bill thru the roof. They want to screw around, its your health don’t wait. If you are experiencing symptoms at 10pm, go to the ER and give AIG and CNA that $10k present…. they should be taking care of you. Punish them for their actions. If you think the DOL is going to help. They are incompetent and incapable of doing anything not to mention they are clearly in collusion with the insurance companies.

  4. Every where you can find few fraud people who does these bad things and whole profession pay for it. So before going to hire any one please check entire career history and then go ahead.

  5. Rick said

    Good site.
    Is there a way to get the law firm to improve on returning calls and emails? Meaning can we report them the the State Board?

  6. Rick said

    Is there a list of good law firms that handle DBA??? I can find a lot of law firm names but not that are recommended by current guys using them.

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