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Our Fallen Contractors in our thoughts this Memorial Day

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on May 30, 2011


One Response to “Our Fallen Contractors in our thoughts this Memorial Day”

  1. Brit guy said

    Gone but not forgotten these brave men and women who sacrificed all for the for the American dream.

    A better why of life a future for your children a roof over your head a meal on table.

    A promise to be looked after if the worst happened. Those that have died and have moved on God bless you.

    For those of us left behind still suffering with injuries we carry the physical or mental the fight goes on.

    From a person from outside of the USA what is the American Dream ????????????????

    A false promise of hope? A promise to look after those who who defend Americans then get screwed by Americans? How does your foreign policy fit with this ?

    Hey question asked to Obama Palin or any other politician who wants to run or holds office. You proclaim the Arab spring whilst crapping all over those closest to you.

    Who helped bring it about? the men and women serving out there in uniform or not.

    One final point please do not insult me by standing next to veterans proclaiming your support.Holding BBQs in 10 Downing Street serving burgers and corn with David Cameron. While you crap all over those who served by allowing the American insurance industry to trample all over our rights as inshrined by law (LSHWCA/DBA/WHCA) for those veterans from all nationalities
    who supported the on terror and served again as civilians in support of the war on terror.

    A point to you President Obama I served my nation in the war on terror when called too.I then served the USA to protect your citizens from attack to quote the Rangers to lead the way. To stand in front not alongside or behind but in front to take the bullet or bomb so an American did not have too. You did not mention that Americans would then lie cheat rewrite medical reports and use every legal means and bullshit tactic they could to deny what I promised in my contract with the American people should the worse happen.

    Shame on all of you elected to allow this to happen

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