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Johnny doesn’t come cheap, but there is a lot to win for his contributors

Posted by defensebaseactcomp on June 11, 2011

Smiling all the way to the bank

Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia has presented Bill S. 669 to the Senate which has been referred to a committee on which he sits, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, for deliberation, investigation, and revision.

Bill S.669 was introduced AS IT WAS WRITTEN BY IT”S SPONSOR who is Senator Johnny Isakson, who is heavily supported by Insurance Companies and Attorneys who stand to reap ever larger profits than they already do if this bill were to become law.  Nearly every aspect of the Bill would be a huge present to the Defense Base Act Insurance business.

Johnny is looking out for the insurance companies and attorneys

This grim reaper sits on the Veterans Affairs Committee as well.

Johnny Isakson can be contacted at 202-224-3643.
1175 Peachtree St Ne
Atlanta, GA 30361
Phone : (404) 347-2202
The following is from the Johnny Isakson page at

Total Campaign Contributions Received by Johnny Isakson: $8,231,997

Interest Contributions
Real Estate $854,942
Lawyers/Law Firms $449,582
Health Professionals $298,416
Insurance $251,650
Banks and Credit $236,150
Lobbyists $214,261
Securities & Investment $200,500
Misc Finance $178,075
Pharmaceuticals/Health Products $167,500

6 Responses to “Johnny doesn’t come cheap, but there is a lot to win for his contributors”

  1. superman said

    This Senator is clearly being paid off by the Insurance companies to pass legislation to benefit the insurance companies. These insurance companies are attempting to get this misguided senator to change the current DBA laws that is clearly broken to help the insurance companies even more.

    Not a problem Senator.. keep going in that Direction.. but he is a politician.. as these Class actions continue the truth will come out.. Politicians are scum.. I know because we protected them. So as the bad press comes out they will distance themselves from this horrible legislation he is attempting to pass.

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  3. anonymousonpurpose said

    “in a dispute concerning the facts in a claim brought under this Act, the facts are not to be given a broad liberal construction in favor of the employee or of the employer, and the laws pertaining to a claim brought under this Act are to be construed in accordance with the basic principles of statutory construction and not liberally in favor of either the employee or employer;”

    Considering how ridiculous the “evidence” used to deny my case was, the law as it is written now was ignored and was “liberally construed” in favor of the insurance company! This BULLSHIT that this “politician (said with a scowl)” has written is nothing more than a way to screw us even more out of hard earned benefits paid for with our blood, sweat, and yes tears.

    How many of these people have ever done an honest days labor in their lives?

    How can they get away with this?

  4. anonymousonpurpose said

    Hello again,

    I had forgotten about this till now but I just called his office and am going to be calling and Face-booking all the politicians I can to get them to STOP this ridiculous piece of legislation!

    Damn lobbyist and politicians for sale! Wish they could suffer like I do everyday!!!

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